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Dear Chris Harrison, Can we please start: "The Bachelor Africa?"

Updated on March 4, 2016

African women obsessed with white men

Dear Chris Harrison,

I'm thinking that an interracial dating reality show "The Bachelor Africa" would be a very highly rated, hilarious, most watched, and the most dramatic show in the entire world period. I doubt that anybody else could pull it off without the support and help of the real Bachelor producers themselves and off course you Chris, the famous Bachelor host. I know that I've written to you so many times on twitter including one angry message when Jubilee was sent home by Ben Higgins but this is a serious one.

Chris, a good percentage of African women including the 3 women on that photo are completely smitten, obsessed, and crazy about dating and marrying white men. If you marry a white man in my Culture, you become a sort of a celebrity, Its a big accomplishment, everybody looks at you twice, you get better treatment everywhere and everybody says "she is married to a white man." Some women that I know in Kenya just live near the beaches where white tourists frequent with only one dream "to one day meet a white man and get married and live happily ever after."

African article claims that many white men are pedophiles.

In fact, so many African men are very pissed off that most of their ladies want to date white men and so many hatred articles have been written as to why you should never go out with a "Mzungu" ( white man). One article that I personally read claimed that the white men who come to Africa are pedophiles, broke, old and ugly and that a white man can never ever genuinely love a black woman. Is this true Chris Harrison? This article claimed that most white men just want to have sex with black women because its a long overdue fantasy. It concluded that NO young healthy white man who has a reasonable job and a good income could genuinely love and marry a black woman especially not from Africa. Chris, you are a white man and you deal with so many white men on your show "the bachelor", have you ever heard of any rumors that these white men can never genuinely love and marry a black woman, more specifically, an African woman?

Why are African women obsessed with white men?

Mr. Harrison, I know you are probably wondering about why there is such an obssession with dating and marrying white men in my Culture. Let me tell you why. Because I'm writing such an article, I have to be very honest. Personally, I think our women mainly date and prefer to marry white men because of how romantic the white men are. No offence to my African brothers but most black men who were raised traditionally jump into sex without foreplay. I know this might have improved in this generation because of watching free porno all over the internet but I think any woman would prefer a man who can make love to her instead of just jumping into sex.

Second reason is monogamy.

Chris, there is a belief that most white men will not cheat on their partners. African women believe that a "Mzungu" ( white man) will be faithful to his wife no matter what. I know this doesn't apply to all white men because my white boyfriend cheated on me with another woman but is this generally true? What I know to be true is that polygamy is second nature in Africa. in fact its even encouraged, accepted and demanded by some governments. No matter how young, beautiful,, educated, and great an African woman maybe, a very good percentage of African men will still look outside for a "mpango wa kando" , ( a side plan)

3rd is Responsibility.

Chris, a woman, and especially an African woman wants a responsible father for their children. I'm not by any means claiming that African men are irresponsible fathers, my African father who is now passed away was one of the best father's that ever lived. I'm just claiming that every parent want their children to have a better life than they did. Foreign Countries mostly offer a better education for children, a better healthcare , a better chance to develop your talents and ideas, a better business opportunity, just a better future for their children.

4th is mixed babies are just so cute.

Obviously everybody knows just how cute those little mixed babies are. African women know that too and I think they like want to marry a white man and have beautiful mixed babies with them.


Its a myth that African women only want white men for their money

Just re-read the above sub-title. This is an African WOMAN you are talking about. She was born and raised without your money, she went to elementary, high school and University without your money, she eats, dresses and lives in a house everyday without your money. You are coming into her life as an adult, she has lived without you before and she can live without you after. she is NOT after your money, she is after your heart, your love, your romance and you as a person. I personally dated a white man who was a world traveler. He could afford to fly from USA to Africa 4 times a year. He had lots of money in all currencies, us dollars, Euros, Australian dollars, just mention any currency, British pounds, he had it all and often left it very open in our bedroom. I swear that I never once stole a dime from him, not even when he was completely drunk. Although we later broke up, it had nothing to do with me being after his money. On the contrary, it was an American woman he dated that was after his money because she stole from him all the time.

Its a myth that African women are too desperate for a white man

Mr Chris Harrison, one white American man told my sister yesterday that he was moving to Africa permanently to sell his sperms to the Black African women who want mixed babies. According to him, the African woman is just too desperate for a white man that she will do anything, even buy his sperms without meeting him. Let me tell you something, African women are not that stupid. Who wants to buy sperms of lets say a murderer, a mental retard, a homosexual ( please no offence), a thief, a rapist,a drug addict, a child molester or other permanent hereditary diseases. And which African woman wants to be so unfair to their innocent unborn child that from their birth till death they have no idea who their father is? And which African woman has all that extra money to give to a white man to purchase their sperms? I'm not denying that he will not have market but it will probably be a very small percentage of very wealthy corrupt stinky rich women who are stealing money from the government.No matter how desperate, no normal African girl is going to buy strange sperms and have children with unseen and unheard of father. I'm just saying that if they reach that point, they will probably want to do a thorough background on the man's criminal background check and family history with diseases. That is what they do in America, right Chris?

Its a myth that African women wont date and marry black men.

Its very easy to misinterpret my article and conclude that just because African women love white men, they wont date and marry black men. A very large percentage of African women are actively dating and marrying African men every single day. They are having children and they are happy. They are not even thinking about meeting a white man. So just to clear the air, Valentines in Nairobi made in it very clear in Nairobi City made it very clear that so many young, middle age and older African men and women are still in love and falling in love with each other every single day.

What about the witchcraft and witch craft to find a white man?

If you are a white man who is not genuinely looking for love, who just wants sex, who is a cheater,a racist, a liar, pedophile and a user then African women will teach you a lesson and I honestly do not blame these ladies. Imagine you are looking for love and somebody is looking for games, discriminating against you, insulting you and your family, and this is YOUR country. Wouldn't you do them bad things? This is why you hear stories of an old retired white man whose girlfriend stole all his stuff.. ( no they never kill or harm you physically). But some women go to the witch doctors to draw white men to them, ( I never have and never will do this) but its so easy to fall on the hands of these ladies. But you know what they say about Karma, right Chris Harrison?

The unbelievable incident I witnessed was of a Kenyan woman in a night club who fell down on a white man's feet and held it tight with both her hands and cried saying he would not let go of him. To me, it was a cry for love, attention, affection. I felt like this lady just wanted to feel safe, appreciated and loved again.


Chris Harrison, my conclusion is this. If you are a white man coming to Africa to find real love from an African woman, that is exactly what you will find plus more. However if you are a white man coming to Africa to play mind games with African women, coming to taste, coming to cheat and play games, just know that African women play smarter. You will find what you are looking for either way.

Now Chris Harrison, can you please bring us some real Bachelors ( white and black gentlemen men) who are genuinely looking to find love with African women and see where it goes. Please Chris, we are tired of the normal: too old, retired. Are there some real gentlemen in America? Young, handsome, educated, employed, who would like to find love with Kenyan women? Can you please ask them Chris?

Thanks in advance

African woman.

my website is


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      A nice article. It is nice to see how white men are viewed in Africa by an African woman.


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