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Death Row Confession.( in song form)

Updated on March 8, 2010

Sitting here waiting for the preacher

with an hour left to go,

there's no place as lonely

in the whole wide world

then a cell block on death row,

the food they brought me lies uneaten

in a cold lump, hard and dry,

and in the darkness of my cell

again I hear her cries.....


"Mister, please don't hurt me

 I'll do anything you say,

 I've got a family back home who loves me

Oh, God why did I run away,

all the things I've planned

were so close at hand,

Must I lose them all today,

Mister please don't hurt me

I'll do anything...everything  you say....


Well I tried to plead insanity 

cause I'd go crazy if I had to die,

Then the prosecutor got me all confused

with his "hows, where's, whens and whys,

he said, "Insane people don"t know right from wrong,"

then he caught me in some lies,

and in another place and another time

again I heard her cries......


"Mister, please don't hurt me

I'll do anything you say,

I've got a family back home who loves me,

Oh, God why did I run away,

all those things I'd panned

were so close at hand,

must Iose them all today,

Mister please don't hurt me

I'll do everything...anything you say....."


She haunts me in my darkened cell

so much I cannot sleep

she drags me through the depths of hell,

where only demons creep,

She'll dance within the shadows

of the walls wherein I lay,

Until her death is justified

and my life slips away.....

my life slips away......







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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Slip away!

    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

      If only everyone that has killed someone needlessly could be haunted day in and day out by the person whom they killed then we wouldn't need the death penalty, but we all know that isn't true. Although I am not an advocate of the death penalty either, so where is justice for the victim?

    • parrster profile image

      Richard Parr 7 years ago from Oz

      Haunting stuff. Thanks MFB