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Model and Actress Deborah Funes Surviving Cancer with NO CHEMO, NO SURGERY AND NO RADIATION - An Interview

Updated on May 11, 2016
Deborah Funes
Deborah Funes | Source

A wonderful person and a great friend. Without a doubt, Deborah wants to save lives, and change the world for the better, with her new approach. She is in the process of writing an e-book. Let's go directly to this informal interview.

Deborah Funes at her best!
Deborah Funes at her best! | Source

Nice to have you with us again, Deborah!

Thanks so much Joseph, you always making time for a nice interview. I sincerely appreciate your time and commitment!

Thanks to you Deborah, is our pleasure! Let's see...

How did all start? Meaning you were diagnosed with cancer?

I had a little cyst growing between my breast and armpit around the year 2000. I just thought it was a benign tumor. Maybe it was...but, later became hard and painful.

In April 2014 I was feeling so much pain and I went to see the specialist for a mammogram. Logically, they sent me to ultrasound. The tumor was 4.0 cm by 1.5 cm with metastasis. I took the natural path to see if that could possibly work and I saw positive results. My research was intense -- the tumor was shrinking down and I thought that I could go back to my regular lifestyle: "Work hard and party harder"

So incredible!

Yes! By November 2015 my immune system went down, so I ended up at the hospital with Pneumonia. The tumor was really small, but grew fast to 2.7 cm by 1.5 cm. Doctors found a cancerous cell within the fluids of my lungs, so my diagnosis was Cancer stage 4.
Since then until now, I am taking the natural path more seriously, and also I keep searching for more naturals ways of healing...I am also taking hormone therapy to stop the production of estrogen in my body. Experiencing all this...feels like an amazing adventure.

In March 2016 the tumor in my breast was as small as 1.5 cm by 1.0 cm. Doctors did not find any other cancerous cell in my body.
I keep healing and I won't stop until I become completely Cancer free!

" So much to share with the world!"
" So much to share with the world!" | Source
Deborah back at the hospital
Deborah back at the hospital | Source

Oh my! I guess your circle of friends is more quality than quantity. They say that in times like these, true friends stay with you to the very end. What can you tell us about it?

Real friends will always be there; it doesn't matter how far they are. Many of my best friends are in Argentina. Here in Miami, I found party people who are very selfish, with high level of alcoholism or drug addictions and a small heart. Since I knew I was sick I deleted some close friends from my list because they were not good influence toward my life. I am making new friends. I have healthier people around, specially women who are more into yoga, fitness and diets. As you can tell, they are healthier physically and mentally. This is a positive change that was necessary to be able to heal.
I also received lot of support, prayers, and lot of love from people that I don't really know. People that are Facebook friends or actors with whom I worked in movies. So, yes, I feel the responsibility to help and give back to my friends and followers, as much as I can. I want to be there for them, when they decide to make a change or to prevent or heal themselves from Cancer.

What are the new priorities in your life?

My new priorities are to heal completely, and share my experience with the world. I am not a doctor, and I can not tell to people what to do. But, I can tell them what I have been doing in the last two years to be able to heal with NO CHEMO, NO SURGERY AND NO RADIATION. Remember: in only 5 month I went from Stage 4 Breast Cancer to almost Cancer free. The doctors and people who were laughing at me now ask: "What type of supplements are you taking?" or "What's your diet?" I earned the respect from professionals, the admiration from people in general and the hate of many evil people who make lot of money with hurtful therapies.

In her own words: "Cancer obligates me to go back to the best shape of my life."
In her own words: "Cancer obligates me to go back to the best shape of my life." | Source
"Second chances are better!"
"Second chances are better!" | Source

How are you going to share your experience with the world?
I am writing an e-book with all the details, and what I am doing to reverse Cancer stage 4 as I told you.
I will also share my story in a movie called "Touch My Heart," a feature film that is based on my real life and my experiences with Cancer.

Yes, please, tell us about that new e-book!

Took me 2 years of sound research; experimenting, learning and be able to know exactly what to do. The process of healing is not easy. It is a life changing for life. My book is a strategy guide to help you prevent and heal from Cancer naturally. Starts with nutrition, natural supplements, exercises and state of mind to boost the immune system. My e-book will help you repair, reverse and proactively prevent damage caused by the ongoing Cancer process. Knowing your body, being able to recognize when something is wrong, and having the tools to fix it, is what my book is all about.


Do you think medicine should be taught in a different way?

In recent years, traditional medicine began to understand how important the Immune System was in the process of preventing and cure of Cancer. They would change the approach to Cancer focusing more on the Immune System starting with some clinical trials by 2020.
WE DON'T NEED TO WAIT FOR THEM... we know already that nutrition and lifestyle help the Immune System...WHY WAIT? Many people are suffering, and many of then die every day all over the world. We can’t wait for the next generation to defeat Cancer. It might be too late. That's why I am focus in to keep writing and finish my e-book. Now is the time when I can contribute and help everybody.

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We need that very important link in order to get people involved!

My fundraising campaign, from now on, will receive donations that will go directly into the costs of publishing my book. Everyone who donates will receive this valuable guide. And everyone who donated on the past will receive the e-book for free if they request.

Thanks for your interview Deborah!

Thanks again Joseph!


Joseph De Cross is a screenwriter, publisher, photographer and author.

Yes, the interview is over...



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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 20 months ago

    Appreciated for your comments, CMCastro! You've got this one right!

  • CMCastro profile image

    Christina M. Castro 20 months ago from Baltimore,MD USA

    What a brave and courageous woman Deborah Funes is. It takes a lot of strength and face what she has to deal with. And her desire to reach out to others is outstanding. Personal experience is the best advice. We all need someone who to lean on. I wish her the best and may she become active in her favorite ways again. Great hub, Lord De Cross.