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Demand Media Studios Review

Updated on May 23, 2012

 Demand Studios(DS) is the platform that took over eHow. DS also offers an upfront payment for certain titles, but leys tay focused on the revenue share aspect.

Back in November of 2010, I applied for a writers position with DS. The application process was simple, and I had a response within two days. I submitted 10 artices the same day and only 4 were approved. I was not happy with the copy editors revisions so I chose not to resubmit the articles that were not approved and I moved them to another site.

Each article was about 500 words in length and took about an hour to write including revisions and research. I have included one below so you can see the quality of content they approve.

How to Get a Job Working From Home for Alpine Access

The month of November my earnings for 4 articles were $3.94. The month of December there was a decrease in earnings totaling $0.96. Januarys earnings were $2.71.

In conclusion, I have not submitted any content on DS since November, the platform and article approval process are not to my liking. There are many other sites that automatically approve content and payout much better.

UPDATE: May 22nd, 2012

As of today I have made a little over $35 with Demand Media Studios. The article approval process is grouling and I have not written anything else for them since mid 2011.

In conclusion, 4 articles for Demand Media have made me $35 in 3 years.

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