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Demi Lovato : Top 15 Things She Wants You To Know

Updated on May 25, 2016


Demi Lovato

Born Demetria Devonne Covato 20 August 1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
She has three sisters. A sister 4 years older than she is and two half sisters. Her parents divorced when she was two years old.

Disney Girl

Demi was raised in Dallas, Texas. Began as a child on Barney and Friends. At 15 she got a lead role in the Disney film "Camp Rock". A debut album "Don't Forget" was released in 2008. Most of the album was co-wrote with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato had arrived on the music scene.

Being Bullied

When I was in the sixth grade I was coming back from the gym. I was changing my clothes in the locker room. Then all the other girls came in and one girl said that I taken her clothes and hid them or something. I said : "Look no, I really didn't. I don't know where your clothes went but I didn't touch them."
It wasn't just her friends huddling around me. It became a lot of the girls. I ran out of the locker room and I ran upstairs. I just remember huddling in one of the bathroom stalls and hearing the other girls running around in the halls looking for me. Fortunately I had a cell phone and I called my mum and said I need you to pick me up from school I can't be here anymore. If someone had stood up for me or helped me I think that I wouldn't have been affected as hard as I was.


If you see something going on in front of you, that's not right, you should stand up for what you believe in. You could be a hero for somebody if you stand up for someone.

Growing Up

When I was growing up at the age when your body starts changing and you want to be cool. It was in that era when very very thin people were the popular people in Hollywood. That's what I had to look up to. After having had my issues with eating, looking back, I thought I want to be the difference for people growing up. I wish that somebody had gone to me when I was twelve or thirteen : "Hey! You don't have to look like that to be cool."

When the Kardashians came on the scene that was the first time I associated curves with beauty. I was able to look at Kim's curves and think I should really be proud of my curves. It made me feel more confident in my skin.


My first performance ever was a cover of "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion, which was when I was five then. In the cafeteria at my elementary school. It was terrible. I'm singing and my mic goes out and all of a sudden I see my crush. I've always liked older guys. He's in the fifth grade, I'm in the kindergarden. He was laughing at me and I just go (scrunches her nose at him). I just start singing and tear the house down.

A Red Carpet Photo Reveals Her Self-Harm

That picture, when it came out, terrified me. The entire world saw my innermost darkest secret that my parents didn't even know. I had a dress on. When you do it you just forget that it's there. I had put makeup on it before so I thought it was covered.

Cutting Herself

I was 11 when I first cut myself. It was a way of expressing my own shame of myself on my own body. There were sometimes when my emotions was so built up I didn't know what to do. The only way that I could get instant gratification was through an immediate release on myself. I don't think I was trying to kill myself but I think if I ever went too far I wouldn't care.

Demi Has The Best Skin

I have a skincare line called "Devonne by Demi".

When I was a little kid I went to the book store and I was looking for books to buy. I saw this one book that was like. At Home Spa kinda stuff. It had recipes like how to make facial mask from ingredients in your kitchen. There was one thing. It came with essential oils. It taught me how to do a steam. So I heat up a bowl of water and I put a towel over it. Then I put my face in it and put a few drops of eucalyptus oil. I kinda love the luxurious feeling of taking care of my skin.

Looking Like A Boss

I don't drink, I don't do drugs, but I like cigars every now and then. On special occasions. They're sexy and especially when you're a girl and you're holding it and people are looking at you like you're a boss.

The Filming Of "Cool For The Summer" Video

We actually were there until four in the morning. Got there very early that morning. It was a lot of fun, I had one of my friends in it. There's not a lot of crazy stories, we were pretty tired. It was really sweaty. We wanted to apply a sexy, sheen shiny look with baby oil, but then it was like, at one point, we didn't have to do that. It was so sweaty in there.

Taylor Swift

I started out as a huge fan. Working out to her music got me like pumped up. She's so cool and down to earth. I don't like hanging out with people that are Hollywood. She's just real as **Beeeeep**. Like the first time we hung out we went to Target and got gingerbread houses to make. That's how chilled she is. I love her to death and we became close friends. We're neighbours. I'm so lucky to have somebody like her in the industry. She's like : "OMG, I found someone that's just as boring as me!"

Apparantly in 2016 they have fallen out. Then again, do you know two girl friends who have never fallen out with each other?.....then made up again. Probably not.

Perfect Date

I think my perfect date would be getting dressed up and going to dinner in a nice place. Then going back home and just watching a movie and snuggling.

Cool For The Summer

I wanted to make a song that was like a summer anthem. We were going into summer and it wasn't actually going to be my first single but it ended up being. The song is just like a big summer party anthem. It's fun I love it.


Look at yourself in the mirror even if it feels silly or ridiculous. Telling yourself. You're beautiful and wonderfully made. It doesn't matter what other people think of you. Be the best version of yourself and feel confident because you deserve to.

Demi Or Demi

Question : Demi (pronounced Deh-MEE) or Demi (pronounced DEH-mi)

Demi (pronounced DEH-mi). Actually I was with Demi (pronounced Deh-MEE) Moore and we were talking about the pronouncing of the name and I was like your name's so weird. Why do you pronounce it like that? She's like why do you pronounce it like that? (laughs). It was just really funny, because people get our names mixed up.

Albuquerque...The Place Where Demi Was Born

A markerAlbuquerque -
Albuquerque, NM, USA
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