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Demi Lovato's Hair Colors

Updated on December 16, 2012

Demi Lovato's hair colors are ever-changing. In this hub we look at the beautiful Demi Lovato with black hair, brown hair with blonde highlights, mahogany hair, and blonde hair.

Decide for yourself which color she looks best in!

Also see how great she looks in blue hair and red hair.

Demi Lovato in Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights (below)

This is my favorite look of hers. The blonde and brown colors weaved together look amazing. This is partially due to the flattering makeup she is wearing, but more so, the colors simply suit her overall.

I didn't think Demi could look good with blonde in her hair, but after seeing this picture that assumption is clearly wrong. I compared the third picture in this article with this one where she is also blonde, and she looks the best here between the two pics.

Demi Lovato - brown hair with blonde highlights
Demi Lovato - brown hair with blonde highlights | Source
Demi Lovato -- mahogany hair
Demi Lovato -- mahogany hair | Source

Demi Lovato in Mahogany Hair (above)

I am not too crazy about the magogany color on her, but with her pink lipstick and blush on at least the look is coordinated. The color is not totally unsuited to her, but it isn't her best look. It is perhaps the best red hair color she could choose for her skin tone.

Demi Lovato with Blonde Hair
Demi Lovato with Blonde Hair | Source

Demi Lovato in Blonde Hair (above)

Again, I don't like this hair color on Demi. This blonde hair color doesn't match her skin tone. However, there are a few tricks she used in the first pic of this article where she actually looks great with blonde in her hair. The reasons she looks better in that pic are: her eyebrows are lightened, the skin on her face is lightened with pearlized makeup, and she has some brown in her hair there as well.

Demi Lovato in Black Hair. She definitely looks like an Italian or Mexican girl here.
Demi Lovato in Black Hair. She definitely looks like an Italian or Mexican girl here. | Source

Demi Lovato in Black Hair (above)

Demi looks AMAZING in black hair. The color matches her skin tone and reflects her Italian and Mexican heritage. She also reminds me of both Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez in this picture.

Demi looks like different people in each picture. It is amazing what hair coloring can do. Which hair color do you think looks best on Demi Lovato?


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