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Demon Dolls And Haunted Houses

Updated on July 18, 2016

What I think

This is only what I think. I am sure there are other people that don't care but I wanted to say something.

First, let me say that I do think Demons are real. I know there are people that don't believe. That is fine. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

This topic is a little scary for me. But, it alright if others reading this don't agree.

When I watch

There are many horror shows out there. Most of the actors seem to be having fun with the horror genre of it.

Most shows are scary but I quickly forget about them.

Movies are meant to scare. The scare is what movie goers want when they rent a movie or set down at a movie theater.

If I am scared about twice during the movie ... I like the movie.

Real Life Or Maybe TV Documentary life

There are documentaries about Demonic activity. Recently, there have been talk of dolls moving on their own.

Yes, I know that dolls can be moved on string or changed with help of a novice or advanced video artist.

Let us just say that the doll is moving without instruction. What does someone do about that?
1. Make sure that the shelves are steady. - sometimes shelves are not even.

2. Make sure that someone is not moving the doll. - There are people that don't want a doll looking at them. So, when you enter the room, the doll might be facing away from a chair.

3. Ask people in the house if they played with the doll. - Children like to play with toys. There is no stopping this in some cases. IE small children that love that type of doll.

4. Ask yourself, Do large trucks pass by my home? - The vibrations of the heavy car might shake the house.

5. Did you forget you moved the doll? - This could happen when a shelf is being cleaned.

6. Weather - Wind can knock over dolls.

7. Does with magnetic parts. - If a doll has magnetic parts the parts might be attracted to other magnetic toys.

8. Batteries - The doll might not move but it might make sounds. Change the batteries if the doll is played with often.

9. Is someone playing a prank on you? - This can happen. People think it is fun to scare others.

The Doll Still Moves

Your sure it is possessed.

What do you do? What I have seen people in documentaries do.

1. Do not speak negatively around the doll.

2. Do not touch the doll.

3. Play soft church hymns in that room.

4. Get someone to take the doll out of the home that is able to store it. I would never wish whatever is going on someone else.

5. Be positive.

6. Talk to someone in the church. This might not always work because some churches do not believe in demonic activity. They might talk about demons but actually seeing them means the person is crazy.

7. Tell someone that you can trust about the problem. And,if you just do not care about what other think. Talk to someone just to understand for yourself.

Haunted Places

1. Stay with the group. Always!!!

2. Keep moving through the house.

3. Don't look for ghosts.

4. Watch where you going. This is not your home.

5. Some scares are set up for the public to react to.

6. Don't steal. You could be on camera. Most people don't want to go to jail.

7. Respect the people that are guiding the tour.

More talk

I am trying to be careful about this topic. For one thing, is against all logic.

I only want to talk about the topic.I don't want others to think that I am crazy or want anyone bring demonic stuff into their home.

Please, do not buy demonic stuff. It may be cool or a fad. Please, this is not a challenge.

It is hard to talk about demonic attack and not look insane. I am sure some employers might do research about someone and say they can not risk a crazy person being employed in that company.

Stay positive in the situation. No one should be scared in their own home.

Also, there are people out their that will activity make others seem insane. It might be prank or they might want something you have.


I heard that some electrical problems might cause people to see things. Check that out first before jumping to conclusions about demonic activity.

Drug Use And Spray Cans

I am sure that drugs can alter people prospective.

Things in the room might appear to be moving when they are not.

Also, some scents might alter perception. Spraying too much bug spray or any spray might cause people to see things.


Some walls are thinner than others. I often lay down and can hear parts of a neighbor's conversion. I might hear a word clearer than others. I just don't assume that my home is haunted.

Look for an answer. Something in the house could be broken. Noises might be a clue when it is time to fix the problem.


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