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Demons-A Movie Review

Updated on July 22, 2014


The movie came out in 1985 with a mixture of old classics like Night of the Living Dead and and then trying to make a unique movie that would stand out in years to come. They did this by basing the movie in a movie theater so the audience watching the film would feel a tension right from the start. Although not as well known as other classics from the time, this movie stands with a cult rating and many horror genre lovers refuse to call somebody a horror lover if they never seen the movie.

Cast Continued

Garetta Garetta-Rosemary

Fabiola Toledo-Carmen

Bobby Rhodes-Tony

Nicole Tessier-Ruth

Sally Say-Liz

Guido Baldi-Tommy

Cast and Crew

Producer: Dario Argento

Director: Lamberto Bava

Main Cast:

Urbano Barberini-George

Natasha Hovey-Cheryl

Karl Zinny-Ken

Fiore Argento-Hannah

Paola Cozzo-Kathy



A young lady meets a mysterious man on a subway station who gives her an invitation to see an unknown movie at a new movie theater. She drags her best friend with her. Once they get to the movie theater they realize that this is a very unique experience as props from the movie is spread throughout the lobby. They also realize that there seems to be only one employee that they could see. The girls end meeting two boys in the lobby who will end up being the four main characters.

Meanwhile Rosemary, a prostitute plays with a mask that she found in the lobby and she puts it on trying to scare her friends. she takes it off as she realizes that the mask scratched her. Soon everybody is ushered into the movie theater and the movie starts. From there an uneasy feeling starts to develop as one of the characters in the movie put on the same mask that Rosemary had put on in the lobby.

When the character of the movie starts showing signs of something going wrong, Rosemary starts to realize that the cut is still bleeding and from there everything goes wrong. She goes into the restroom where her skin starts to pulsate around the cut before it explodes in slimy green puss.

The real horror begins however when she starts turning into a demon that not only threatens the life of everybody in the theater but the whole world as well. Incredibly infectious, more and more people turn into demons leaving behind a bloodbath that is worse than anything you would see in any zombie movie.

What was Not So Good?

Although the movie had more pluses than minuses, there are some negatives as well. One scene in particular stands out where the main male character jumps on a motorcycle and starts driving up theater seats. Not only does this defy all laws of gravity and realism because in real life a motorcycle would not be able to drive up seat after seat without any problem.

Then there was the coke friends in the car. For most of the movie, it focused just on the characters in the movie theaters but suddenly it changed to three friends driving around in a car randomly, sniffing coke out of a soda can. Finally they get chased into the house while escaping cops. Although they were randomly placed, they do have importance because when they entered the door, the blind demon with no eyes got out. However they were still just randomly placed and very short-lived which meant that they were there for one reason-just three more people for the demons to kill.

There was also parts in the movies where people randomly turned into demons without getting scratched or bit. Two scenes in particular stand out. The young teenagers in the air vent and the main woman at the end. The young teenagers thought they could escape through the air vent only for the teenage girl to suddenly turn into a demon and attack her boyfriend.

The same thing happened with the main woman character in the end when for no purpose she turned into demon. She wasn't attacked or bit or anything. It just seemed like at the end, the director wanted to throw one last jump scare at the audience. This brought the movie way down in my opinion because it was random and had no point for it.

There was also a monster in the air vent that was chasing the teenagers that never went anywhere. The monster never showed up anywhere else in the movie and it's frustrating because what was that thing in the air vent and why was it there in the first place? This was one of the most frustrating parts because it was creepy and looked like something out of the alien movie series and it looked as if it was going to attack the teens and then suddenly instead the teenage girl turned and that was the end of the scene. So was it another demon? Was it something that crawled out of hell? Was it just in the teenage girl's imagination as she was turning into a demon?

Finally as many Italian horror movies, this movie was dubbed. This might be a personal thing, but like many dubbed movies, the emotions just was not there. It would have been better in Italian with subtitles so the real audience could hear the actor's real voice. Not only that but it could be distracting seeing the character's mouth moving and not matching the words that was coming out. So this was a complete negative in my opinion. I hope to find an un-dubbed version someday.

What Made The Movie Work?

There is really some really good parts of the movie that makes it stand out. First of all, the make-up department was amazing. Not only do all the characters resemble the average 80's persona with huge hair styles and clothing that could instantly be described as typical 80's, but the demons really look terrifying. Each demon had its own unique persona which also made them so much more terrifying.

There is one demon in particular that stood out. A blind man who had gotten his eyes pulled out and took a while to turn into a demon. So when everybody wanted to throw his dead daughter off the balcony he begs them not to. This turned into one of the creepiest scenes in the movie as he kept mumbling not to touch her as he stood with nothing but blood coming out of the wounds of his eyes.

The acting was top notch to. Although some acted better than average, all actors looked terrified when they should and each actor brought life into their characters to the point where each death was heartbreaking. The actors who turned into the demons were superior in their roles. Not only do they all act really creepy but they owned their roles which in turn made whatever weak actors there were seem unimportant.

The setting was perfect as well. Although the building did not look like a movie theater from the outside and in fact there was a car outside that looked like the car that was in the movie they were watching, it still held up strong in the inside. Easy to get inside the building, all the doors vanished when the demons started to pop up. This brings an interesting question on rather the building was trying to keep everybody inside to become food or rather it was trying to prevent any demon from getting outside and infecting the world.

The graphics were pretty good for the time period as well. The green puss that every demon exhibited worked really well. It was gross and disturbing and it made the movie so much more gory than it would have been if there was just blood. Also the graphics of cuts and bites pulsating and exploding looked really realistic. There was also a famous scene when a helicopter fell into the middle of the movie theater which not only stood out but brought a level of terror when you realize that outside of the movie theater may not be a safe-haven after all.

Important Information To Consider?

The movie included scenes of high violence. It was very gory so only watch if you could handle a lot of gore. There was a lot of scenes of tearing apart skin, bites, hanging, beatings...basically the whole movie is just full of violence.

There is also some sexual behavior on this film. There is also cuss words that are used so it is not a movie suitable for children to watch. It also had some terrifying scenes that could be too much for some people so be careful about that as well.

Terror level: 7/10

Violence level: 9/10

Sexual level: 4/10-some scenes not no nudity is shown

Bad words: 7/10-cuss words are said throughout the movie although in their situation I don't really blame them.


In conclusion

This is a rather well-made movie for the 80's time period. Still fresh for today, this movie brings a terror that not many movies could match. To leave off, here are some trivia facts about the movie.

The movie theater building still stands today in Berlin as a nightclub. Some devoted fans still go to the nightclub just to be in the set of this great movie.

Silent Hill has a building in the game that is the same name as the theater, the "Metropol' and has advertisements for the movie in the game. This makes sense due to the 'zombies' of Silent Hill being actually demons.


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