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Imagine Dragons songs: "Demons" meaning and lyrics, song of the week (6/23/13 - 6/29/13)

Updated on August 9, 2013

Imagine Dragons, "Night Vision" official album cover


The meaning behind the music

Everyone has collected at least a little "dirt" on their seemingly spotless appearance over the years; everyone has a few "Demons" in their closest, buried in the deep catacombs of their subconscious mind. As stated by the famous Swedish author, Stieg Larsson, in the trilogy "millennium series," "everyone has secrets, it's just a matter of finding out what they are."Imagine Dragons can certainly imagine this, and (unlike some) they've decided to no longer hide or lie about their dark secrets, but to warn their loved ones of the tragedies they've faced. Perhaps, "Demons" by Imagine Dragons is a song written/meant for closure and the cleansing of one's "muddy" appearance.

This song is truly about coming to grips with reality and accepting the truth, regardless of how painful or disappointing both may be to you or anyone else. This song also reveals a sneak peek into the morals that Imagine Dragons favors; Imagine Dragons probably believes that it is better to reveal a few dark secrets of their own to their loved ones, knowing that it may even cause the relationship to come to an abrupt close, than to let your loved ones live a lie that you've created to protect their feelings. In shorter terms, honesty is the best policy, no matter what complications may accompany maintaining such a policy. Deep down inside, "Demons" helps to highlight how holding a grudge can consume someone, even to the point of needing to separate from the ones they love in a desperate attempt to shield them from the painful truth; a truly fascinating concept elaborated on by Imagine Dragons.

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Photo of the band: Imagine Dragons


Meet the Band: About Imagine Dragons

The members of this break-through band (as seen in the photo to your right) are as follows: Ben Mckee (plays the unbeatable tune of the bass guitar), Dan Reynolds (the lead singer and songwriter), Wayne Sermon (plays guitar), and Dan Platzman (plays drums), respectively, moving left to right.

This all-American rock group from Nevada combines the best of alternative rock with the best of indie rock to give you the hit sound associated with their band and hit song "Demons." Although this group is fairly new, having only formed as a band in 2007, they are making a big impact in the music world with their catchy melodies, deep rhythm and beats, and smooth vocal sound.

Personally, I think the name "Imagine Dragons" is a call to their audience to believe, believe in anything, even if the beliefs seems like a fable.

Needless to say, the goal of this group that's caught everyone's attention is to reform their misfortunes as inspiring lyrics to motivate all their devoted fans and listeners; certainly, Imagine Dragons's new wave of sound is sweeping the nation and positively impacting millions.

Imagine Dragons, "Demons" with song lyrics

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Analyzing the song for the sake of the music itself

Passionate and gripping, "Demons" is a song that all mistake-making human beings can relate to. We all have demons; we all make mistakes. Despite our best efforts, it is as impossible to hide our demons in the dark for all eternity as it is to never make a mistake as a feeble human being. As suggested by Imagine Dragons with the chorus lyric "when you feel my heat, look into my eyes, it's where my demons hide" you can see what a person has been through just by looking at them. Some people may be more difficult than others to understand, but all people can eventually be read and discovered.

The song starts off by leading singers to understand the bleak realities that life has the potential to have, using terms like "days are cold," "cards all fold," "saints...made of gold (which suggests that even saints can feel "heavy" or "weighed down" with regret)," "dreams all fail," and "blood's run stale" all between the song's first two stanzas. To show support and understanding, Imagine Dragons only continues the song with the lyrics "I want to hide the truth" and "I want to shelter you," but they are unable to do so with their own set of demons on their mind; hence, the lyric "there's nowhere we can hide," which pertains to anyone who may also be struggling with a set of cataclysmic secrets.

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One of the most inquisitive lyrics to the song, in my opinion, is "this is my kingdom come," which follows two other lyrics that basically get at the fact that many people can be consumed by their greed. I find this lyric puzzling because it almost makes the stanza seem as if it is applauding a kingdom of greed to come; however, more than likely, this lyric is a cry of desperation for a "kingdom" or world that is far better than our own. Just something Imagine Dragons wanted us to think about, I suppose.

I think one of the most interesting stanzas to "Demons" by Imagine Dragons is one that talks about making an overinflated mess and having a masquerade dig a grave for the troublemaker as a result of their actions. It's interesting how well Imagine Dragons were able to mask a hidden meaning within this stanza: a bunch of total strangers misjudging a person and going to war against the person based on their mistakes. I'm sure being framed and blamed is something that many people can relate to (or at least understand), which is what makes this hidden message such a powerful statement.

No one can say it better than Imagine Dragons when they describe how some people are simply "hell bound," and their life truly is left up to the cruel twists and turns of fate. If you are one of these unfortunate people, then ready yourself for a ride and know that you are not alone, as Imagine Dragons suggests. Just as Imagine Dragons portrays in "Demons," we all have to face our demons, even the ones that may live inside us, and come to accept the unfortunate events in our lives, sooner or later; facing our demons always boils down to a duet between time and fate.


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    • profile image

      T.F 4 years ago

      This song to me is about all of us protecting ourselves from others but recognizing we all are imperfect we either accept this or move on.

      Masquerade dig your grave. Those are fake people weve all met behind a mask and persona we accept them under this mask or ideal.

    • L Ring profile image

      L Ring 4 years ago from Southern USA

      This song is one of THE most truthful, blunt and literal explanations of the true price of fame, the dark, occult side of Hollywood and especially the music industry I have ever heard.

      Don't over-analyze it....the lyrics aren't meant to misinterpreted....what you see is what you get.

    • profile image

      A Really Big Fan 4 years ago

      You guys are a great band with soulful songs. I love you guys I listen to your songs everyday. Every time it comes on I start to sing. I know all of them word by word.

    • profile image

      me 4 years ago

      Scarry song!

    • profile image

      Rano 4 years ago

      i just love it

    • profile image

      joshua 4 years ago

      im striving to be a musician but i have so many unanswered questions it scares me but this song gives me hope to keep trying

    • profile image

      Catherine 4 years ago

      This is a really touching song it brings back so many memories but its alright because we all have demons Thank you so much Imagine Dragons I rate it a 100