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Description of Characters in Iconic TV Show Friends

Updated on August 6, 2020
shree01 profile image

Shree is an TV show and series enthusiast. She is also interested in movies too. She also like comedy tv show like friends.

I am going to give a description about all the characters in the Iconic Tv show Friends. There are 6 main characters in the show, namely Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.

1.Ross Geller



Ross Geller is one of the main characters of FRIENDS show. He is a paleontologist by profession. He was married to carol previously and has a child with her named Ben. He has taken divorce from carol and are still good friends. Ross had a major crush on Rachel since high school and never expressed his feelings for her. As the show progresses Ross expresses his feelings for her. Ross is kind of like a nerd and loves talking about dinosaurs. Ross has also once been married to a woman named emily. He has been divorced 3 times.He has a sister named Monica and his parents are Jack and Judy. He also has a daughter with Rachel named Emma. And not to forget he loves his sandwich.

Character played by: David Schwimmer

Best Line: Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! I don't think it's gonna pivot anymore.

2. Rachel Green



Rachel Green is one of the main characters of Friends show. Rachel is interested in fashion field but initially in the show she works as a waitress in a coffee shop called central perk. As the show progresses she gets a job in Bloomingdales and then after that she starts working for Ralph Lauren. She is a goal oriented women who puts in a lot of efforts to fulfill her dreams. She initially was going to marry a dentist but suddenly she runs away from the wedding. And then subsequently she shares an apartment with her friend Monica. And then she gets into a relationship with Ross and also as the show progresses she becomes pregnant with Ross's child. Rachel is very close with all of her friends and share a very strong bond with them.

Character played by: Jennifer Aniston

Best Line: No uterus, No opinion.

3. Monica Geller



Monica Geller is daughter of Jack and Judy and sister of Ross. She is one of the main character of the TV show Friends. Monica is kind of obsessed with cleaning. According to Rachel she is someone who cleans the toilet like 17 times a day. She is in a relationship with her former best friend turned boyfriend Chandler. Monica used to work as a chef in restaurants. As the show progresses she gets a job of Head Chef in the restaurant called Allesandro's. She loves cooking and also works in the same field. Monica shares her apartment with rachel and both of them stay together for a long time till chandler moves in Monica's apartment to live together. She loves her family, friends and she loves children.

Character played by: Courteney Cox

Best Line: I knowww!!!!

4. Chandler Bing



Chandler Bing had an complicated childhood after his parents divorce. He is in a relationship with Monica and as the show progresses he gets married to her. He uses sarcasm a lot. He is someone who can't live without sarcasm. He was in an on and off relationship with Janice. He shares an apartment with Joey who becomes his best friend. Chandler is close friends with all the other main characters in friends. He is neighbour of Monica and Rachel. He works in statistical analysis and data configuration. He loves his family and friends and always help them in difficult situations.

Character played by: Matthew Perry

Best Line: I'm not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

5. Joey Tribiani



Joey Tribiani is an aspiring actor and loves food. He is half Italian and half American. He has seven sisters and he is the only brother to all of them. Joey is also a TV actor well known for his role Dr. Drake Ramoray in the TV show Days of our Lives. He shares an apartment with chandler. He also has duck and a chick as pet. He has dated many women and never been a very serious relationship in the series. He also develops feelings for Rachel at some point but they don't get into a serious relationship. He loves his friends and family and always helps them. Joey is a caring and kind- hearted person. Joey and Phoebe share a very close bond in the series. He also works as an waiter in central perk for a certain amount of time.

Character Played By: Matt Le Blanc

Best Line: Joey doesn't share food!!!!

6. Phoebe Buffay



Phoebe Buffay is a singer and masseuse by profession. She has a twin sister named Ursula who lives seperately on her own. She also lived on streets for some time before moving into her apartment. Her mother committed suicide when she was very young and her father was never around. She plays her guitar and sings in the coffee shop named central perk. In most of the seasons she is seen carrying her guitar. Her song Smelly Cat and The Christmas Song is quite known in the show. She likes unique things and is blunt and honest. She has her own different sense of humor. She loves animals and turns vegan. And she also loves nature and obviously her friends! She is close to her grandma. She also shares her apartment with Rachel for some amount of time. She also has a half-brother named Frank.

Character Played By: Lisa Kudrow

Best Line: My Eyes, My Eyes!!

© 2020 shree


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