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Desi Arnaz Jr ~ Here's Lucy ~ I Love Lucy

Updated on April 18, 2015

1968 ~ The Year That Changed A Generation

The year 1968 - a pivotal year in history. The Viet Cong attacked South Vietnam; President Lyndon Johnson chose not to run for President; Martin Luther King was shot & killed and the riots began; Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated; clenched fists were raised at the Summer Olympics; protestors disrupted at Democratic National Convention, and Lucy's new TV show, Here's Lucy, will be on in September that will also star her daughter and her very handsome son - Desi Arnaz, Jr!

This lens is chocked full of information about my favorite teen idol - Desi Arnaz Jr. including items you can purchase via Amazon or ebay. There are also some scenes featuring Desi Jr from "Here's Lucy" in addition when he appeared on other TV shows during that same time period.

The second part of this lens showcases Desi Jr's mom, Lucy. There are videos featuring the I Love Lucy cast in commercial, also books on I Love Lucy and Lucy logo wear that are available to purchase.

We also sell affordable collectibles on ebay and the last section of this lens has links to those sites along with lenses we have created.

Remember this promo for Here's Lucy? - Yes, Desi Jr is in the clip!

Great comedy situations for Lucy abounds from this premise - Lucy, widowed with two teenagers, working for her brother-in-law who owns an employment agency in Los Angeles.

September 23, 1968

"Lucy tonight!" I reminded my mom as I ate breakfast before going to school. "Lucy tonight!" I reminded my mom as we ate dinner. "LUCY IS COMING ON!" I yelled throughout the house so everyone will come to the living room and watch Lucy with me. Finally, the show started - "Look! they made a Lucy a puppet - she is soooo pretty! Mom, can I have one?" Then I saw heart went pitter patter...I ran up to the TV set, pointed to the Desi Arnaz, Jr and exclaimed, "When I get older, I'm going to marry him!" As I went back to my chair, everyone was giggling. "Oh man," I thought, "I missed a funny part of the show!"

If you love Desi, Jr. - this is a must have item! - Four DVDs ~ 24 episodes ~ Famous Guest Stars ~ Bonus Features

This is a great DVD Collection even though Desi is not in all episodes. In addition to the 24 celebrity filled episodes getting into hilarious situations with our favorite redhead, it also features Lucie & Desi Jr commentaries, blooper reel, rehearsal footage, audience warm-up and more!

It was a dark day in my little world when I found out that Desi did not renew his contract after the third season. Season Three received the highest ratings (#3) during the entire run of Here's Lucy and after Desi left the show, Here's Lucy was never in the Top Ten in the Nielsen Ratings again.

Desi's Jr full name

is Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV

and was the first person to

appear on TV Guide.

Collecting Desi Jr? Then ebay is the first and only stop! - Photographs, books, DVDs and other collectibles!

Below is a small list of items for sale by other ebayers. To see a complete list of what is available on ebay, just click on through to ebay on any item and continue your search.

Other TV Appearances by Desi Arnaz Jr.

Desi sings with two others ~ Dino & Billy

Boys! Boys! Boys!

When I found out Desi was in rock band before he joined Here's Lucy - I was on a hunt for their albums. Luckily, when I sneaked into my older sister's bedroom, I found a couple of their albums way in the back. My next quandry was - how to get them from her bedrooom to mine bedroom so I could play them my record player. I already did wrong by going into her room and rummaging about. I did the only thing I could do - tell mom what I did and hope for the best. After the yelling, screaming and crying, I was listening to the sounds of Dino, Desi & Billy.

Check out these videos ~ aren't they groovy? - Remember to put your teeny booper ears on!

The same day Lucille Ball gave birth to Desi Jr., the fictional Lucy Ricardo gave birth to "Little Ricky"

Yes, Desi Jr was on I Love Lucy

Nope - he was NOT Little RIcky

Desi Arnaz Jr made a cameo appearance in episode #179 "The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue" This a great episode (well, I think they are ALL great!) - it is Yankee Doodle Day in Connecticut and Lucy breaks a the statue of a Revolutionay War hero. After finding out it will take approx 2 weeks to have a replacement made, Lucy becomes a living statue - she almost pulled it off during the ceremony until Little Ricky's dog licked her face.

If you look at the crowd seen near the end of the episode, you will see Desi, Jr, age 4, and his big sister Lucie near Ethel. Ethel turns to them as asks, "Are you having a good time, honey?"

I Love Lucy ~ Classic TV Sitcom ~ Always funny

You can't stop at one episode!

As far back as I remember, I have always watched I Love Lucy. Whenever I am channel surfing, I always stop and exclaim, "Oh look - this is a good one!" and watch it like it was the first time. I love the I Love Lucy marathons on TV Land and watch each episode like I am viewing it for the first time. Great sitcom that stands the test of time.

I Collect Lucy Dolls

Yes, I got the Here's Lucy Doll!

Both of my closest friends collect dolls all their lives - both are walking encyclopedias - makers, make, antique, hard plastic, etc. I never caught doll fever until I received The Vitameatavegamin Lucy Doll for my birthday. It was the newest collection series by Mattel. When I got home, I immediately turned on my PC and search Lucy dolls on ebay! I finally got my Here's Lucy Doll!

Bid now to win the Lucy Doll you have always wanted - There is never too many Lucy Dolls!

Ebay has been my main source of obtaining Lucy Dolls. With all the new technology, the dolls are becoming more realistically looking. Also manufacturers are realizing, we want Ethel, Fred & Ricky too! you think Desi Arnaz, Jr doll from Here's Lucy will be in my future?

There are still great deals on Lucy dolls on ebay ~ below is just a sampling of the Lucy Dolls on ebay.

Take the Time to read about America's first family of TV - Lucy, Desi, Desi Jr & Lucie

Chock full of information - there is always a gem of information or a photograph you haven't seen before.

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What is your favorite I Love Lucy episode or scene? - Everyone has a favorite scene or episode, share yours!

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