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Desperate Measures

Updated on October 12, 2017
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Devika enjoys sharing her work with a friendly community. Writing is a big part of her life. Online work has improved her lifestyle.

Mystery keeps you on the Move

Someone is watching you to take further actions if required
Someone is watching you to take further actions if required | Source
Be aware of your moves
Be aware of your moves | Source
Friends can turn to lovers
Friends can turn to lovers | Source
Love affairs happens anytime
Love affairs happens anytime | Source
He is ready for the next move in desperate measures
He is ready for the next move in desperate measures | Source

A Mysterious Short Story

One day, Sheryl knew her partner will go too far.

Sheryl had a rude awakening and got at up very sharp, trembling from her dream she had to come back to reality.

Her dreams were confusing, at times there would be of a gun, or some sharp object, even of some poison spread on a plate.

The outcome was the same as always. The two-timing man in her life was going to get exactly what he deserved. It won't be another nightmare, as he had thought so every time.

‘‘Another one of your nightmare?'' He said yawning impatiently.

''No'', Sheryl replied.

''This time it was a lovely dream.''

''Well go back to your dream,'' Grumpily Clive rolled over and fell asleep again.

Sheryl just stared at him, calling her an unknown name.

''I hate you, Clive Owen.''

''I wish you were.. and she hung onto the unspoken word.''

She lay down again thinking of what to do next.

A grim moment for her, Sheryl had far too many unforgiving moments with her husband.

Her thoughts strayed from back to forth. Whatever she thought of, it couldn't be, it sounded too much for her to take in. A fantasy that she may never conquer.

She couldn't work out what she married for, was it for money or love?

Clive groaned in his sleep, but passionately, ''Oh Renay darling.''

He didn't know how sorry he will be for cheating on his wife.

''I don't know how you cope with his cheating.''

Sheryl's friend Sandra said, sitting on the outside bench.

''The easy lifestyle does help a bit!'' Zora waved from the lounge.

''It is really a comeback for a girl like you putting up with your man's behavior and his rich, eh Sheryl?''

''No way is it like that; believe me, whispered Sheryl, while looking out the window far in thought.''

Sheryl didn't marry Clive for his money however others may think for Sheryl it was about love and having someone special in her life to care for, and to make a life with.

She thought it would be easy to cope with all the bits on the side, but recently it has just got too much to bear.

Burying her head in her hands explained how tired Sheryl is now of all the ups and downs in her marriage.

''Oh Sheryl, you poor thing,'' Zora put her arm around her dear friend, and while leaving her shoulders. ''I had no idea it was that bad''.

Clive didn't care much for Sheryl.

''It is sad, Sheryl mentioned when a man only cares for his wife when he needs a respectable wife on his arm at one of his precious public functions. Then I have to doll myself up and spend the evening being nice to all his stupid friends-in-high-places. His wonderful reputation has to go well in public, what goes on behind the closed curtains no one will ever know.''

''Why don't you just divorce him and start all over or stay single rather than have this over your head?'' Sandra said, looking at her friend in dismay.

''It is not like you will be left penniless, will you?'' Zora added.

''Clive is loaded with money, surely you won't be stranded, Zora exclaimed?''

''That is where you are so wrong,''

Sheryl spoke freely. She got up and walked over to the sideboard, with a flourish she pulled out a file of documents, and threw them on the coffee table.

''See for yourselves.''

''A Prenuptial Agreement,'' Zora said.

Sandra grabbed it, reading avidly.

''According to this,'' she mused.

''If you ever disgrace the good name of Clive Owen, by taking him through a divorce court, or drawing attention to an activities which might damage his reputation, you get precisely nil.''

''Whatever were you thinking when you signed the agreement?''

Outrageously, added Zora.

''I thought I was in love, and didn't read any part of the agreement, cried Sheryl.

Clive swept me off my feet with his charming ways, I looked at the agreement as a formality at that time. '

'How was I supposed to know things will change in this way?''

Clive turning into a lowzy womanizing sleaze ball before the ink dried on the paper.

There was silence for few minutes, thinking of what to do next.

''So Zora said at last,'' I guess you have two choices. You both go on living like this and condemn yourself to a life of well-heeled misery.....''Or you divorce him and walk away without a brass farthing,''

''Hey,'' Sandra chuckled, trying to lighten the moment with a joke. ''Maybe you should murder him!''

''Yeah Zora hooted with laughter, then you could inherit all his wealth, and clean up on the life insurance.''

''Like all those sultry women in the old black and white movies.''

''Don't you think I haven't thought of doing just that,'' Sheryl suddenly said.

''We were only joking!'' Zora said.

Sheryl was miles away fantasizing on her dream.

''Wives are often suspected in cases like this,'' A risky attempt sighed Sheryl.

Sheryl was thinking of a way to stop her husband from cheating and thought of the idea.

The following night Sheryl's heart thudded with anticipation as she drove along the dark country roads. Nervously she recalled some moments together with her husband Clive.

She had a plan and wasn't going to spoil it now.

Her meeting with an old friend, Sam, made her shiver, she wasn't sure at the beginning but once she got closer to her destination she couldn't turn back now.

It has been a while since she saw Sam.

Sheryl blushed; suddenly struck by the need to defend herself to a friend she hasn't seen in ages.

''Look I want you to know I don't make a habit of this sort of thing.''

''I should jolly well hope not!''

Sam smiled, his dark eyes crinkling attractively.

''It's just. Clive has made my life a living hell lately, and I can't bear much of it anymore.''

''I understand,'' Sam said.

''I am not here to judge, you know. How could I when I am the one who is going to take care of the problem?''.

Sam was not very talkative afterward.

''Clive will come out of the Crown Hotel, around closing time tonight,''

Sheryl went on eagerly.

''If you stay still in the bushes opposite the hotel you will never miss your shoot.''

''I have always had my targets dead on, so missing is not my style.''

''You do realize there are more less drastic ways to get rid of your philandering husband?''

Sheryl frowned. ''Are you trying to get yourself out of a job?''

''I need to be certain, that is all. I don't want you changing your mind at the last minute and regretting this later.''

Sheryl raised her eyebrows.

''You actually care of what happens to me after you have received your money?''

''Despite what I do, I am not a monster,'' said Sam softly.

When standing close by, Sheryl felt a ripple of chemistry flowing between them in the darkness.

''Your husband must be out of his mind.'' Sam touched Sheryl's cheek and her pulse raced, as they looked at each other.

''How long has he been cheating on you?''

''It started three months after we got married,'' said Sheryl.

''The day I found out will be forever in my mind, while unpacking Clive's suitcase after a business trip, the strong perfume smell in his pajamas made me lose a few steps back.''

''That hurt me so much,'' Sheryl laughed coldly.

''When someone betrays you 'hurt' is not even the word used to begin with to describe the feeling inside, you just want them dead.''

''I had better go now as he looked at his watch, time was moving fast,''

Sam said.

''I have a motto in a frame over my bed,'' Sam said simply.

''Drastic measures have to be taken for drastic situations''

They met each other’s eyes. ''You may want to see it one day.''

Act normal when you get home. Sam had said. Don't let Clive notice any change in yourself.

''Ah there you are,'' Clive said breezily as Sheryl walked into the house.

‘‘Listen; keep tomorrow night free, okay?

We are lunching with the mayor and mayoress so I will need you to look especially glamorous.''

''Well that is my job,''

Sheryl's voice blurted out sarcasm. ''I am thinking of having it put on my passport. Occupation: Ornament.''

''Don't be childish,'' Clive said, rolling his eyes. 'Darling I am a successful public figure. I need a pretty wife by my side for my image. You knew the deal when I married you.''

''Ah but you didn't mean the stream of mistresses!''Sheryl snapped, quite heated in thought. ''You left that little detail out of the job description didn't you?''

''All I ask in return that you look your best, host the occasional lunch pose with me in the odd press photo and turn a blind eye to my discreet little flirtations.

Is that so unreasonable?''

''I should have left you a long time ago,'' growled Sheryl.

Clive blew Sheryl a kiss and out he went.

''Don't wait up.''

Sheryl seethed; well he had sealed his own fate. Until then she could have called her plan off.

There was no turning back now the plan had to go on.

Sam hid in the bushes and his pulse racing. Any second now..... Yes!

He rose up to his feet as Clive stumbled tipsily out of the Crown Hotel both hands plunged lustily down the cleavage of a busty blonde in a low-cut dress. Sam took a deep breath.

Ready aim... now!

A perfect shot!

Zora was amazed!

''I guess the old rascal finally found a shred of decency after all!

''Fancy him changing his mind just like that!''

Peering down at the lawyers documents, that Zora brought in to show them, to Sheryl's surprise it was a very generous settlement. A change of mind, and Sheryl's friends were wondering why?

Sheryl didn't say a word, she looked mysteriously and smiled, remembering.

Clive's panic-stricken face when she had shown him the photos. Sam had taken so expertly; the photos Sheryl had threatened to sell to every tabloid in town if he didn't agree to her demands.

A great feeling to know of what a bit of black-mail can do to someone's mind. Drastic measures must be taken in dramatic situations.

The plan to stop Sheryl's husband from cheating was subtle and was mysterious, no one knew how Clive had stopped cheating on Sheryl except the woman finally in charge of life.

A short story about a cheating husband who paid for his freedom from perfectly taken photos, a favor from an old friend of his wife changed his life with the black-mail trick, that somehow keeps on working no matter where, or with whom.

The Mystery of Experiences

What Desperate Measure would you take if your partner Cheated on you?

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Mysterious events

The open-minded writer who enjoys sharing her interests.
The open-minded writer who enjoys sharing her interests. | Source

© 2013 Devika Primić


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      KoffeeKlatch Gals I am trying to share different genres of writing thanks for stopping by have great Sunday

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 4 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Great short story. I think it's great that you are writing in different styles.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      kidscrafts. I am still trying to improve my skills on this part of writing thanks for sharing your thoughts here

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I am glad you stopped by I decided to write something different thanks for your feedback have nice day.

    • kj force profile image

      kjforce 4 years ago from Florida

      DDE...very well written my friend...however I still stand behind the

      " Gator Bait " mess no fuss, no more worry of the probability of the repeating his "lust " and " mistrust"....

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      It's good that you feel confortable to try different styles of writing! It's a gift that not too many people have! Good for you!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      kidscrafts I was trying something different don't how it will thanks have a lovely day

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      Good idea to try short stories, Devika. I saw that you published already several e-books so this is also perfect for that format when you will have a few of them. Next step... a whole book.... may be a mystery, or a novel, or.... anything your mind wants to tackle next :-)

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I don't know how well this story turned out but tried something different and I would love to hear more from others as well, thanks

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Loved the short story. It's great to see you venturing out into another genre. Well done!