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Destination Wedding, a Review

Updated on June 10, 2017
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Melissa obtained her B.S. degree in Natural Resource Management, minoring in Biology. She enjoys creative writing, art, and gardening.

2 stars for Destination Wedding

A Hallmark Original Movie

Destination Wedding starts out with a fantasy proposal between a couple we haven't even had a chance to fall in love with yet. While the moment is indeed romantic, it leaves a little to be desired. Fearing this is the main theme of this story, I immediately got on the defense, however it wasn't long before I began to realize that the real star of the show is the sister of the bride, Ellie. So I was again drawn back into the story as she is a character we are just beginning to get to know.

A love triangle ensues, as we begin to realize an old love interest of Ellie's pops up in the mix as the best man of the groom, Greg. When neither the bride or the groom show up, Greg and Ellie must team together to keep guests happy, pretending that everything is okay, lying to the guests in the process.

The predictability of the first encounter between Ellie and Greg made this not my favorite Hallmark movie, and I generally love Hallmark movies. It's expected to have some predictability but I didn't find Ellie to be very like-able in those first few meetings, making it hard to connect with the couple-to-be because lets face it we all know how this story is going to end. Ellie and Greg are going to rekindle their romance while covering for the bride and groom. I don't mind that I know how the story is going to end, what always interests me is how they reach that ending and the interactions that happen up until that point.

With that being said, I found it very difficult to like any of the main character's in this film. I've been overall pleased with the quality of most Hallmark movies, but for some reason I could not connect with this story. The whole premise seemed ridiculous to me. A fight that sounded rather insignificant was breaking up an entire wedding? It just seemed to be very out of touch with reality, more so than normal. So as much as I'd like to give this movie a good review, it's not going to happen.


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