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Detroit Millionaire Bill Pulte Does It yet Again

Updated on August 21, 2019
Andres D Martinez profile image

Andres is a avid Twitter user and finding the positive things in life is something he believes society needs more of.

A New Force for Good

Bill Pulte is the inventor of a new idea - Twitter Philanthropy
Bill Pulte is the inventor of a new idea - Twitter Philanthropy | Source

Bill Pulte and his "Team" have done it yet again and they have fully funded the GoFundMe Campaign for combat veteran Douglas Scott.

The Philanthropist had called on his twitter followers, whom he refers to as his "Team," to donate to the campaign and help the family of the veteran. The response was overwhelmingly positive as within 3 hours, the campaign was fully funded with more donations coming in.

The organizer of the Campaign posted an update after the goal was met saying, "Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and generosity. We will be transferring the funds to cover the expenses for Doug. God bless our endeavor to take care of each other." At the time of this writing, the campaign is at $5,375 of its $5000 goal.

Mental health seems to be an important issue for Mr.Pulte as he tweeted that, "...This suicide issue will be getting more attention from us." It is not readily clear what he plans to do next, but it is safe to assume that we can expect more good to be coming from him and his "Team."

Combat Veteran Douglas Scott took his own life on Sunday night.
Combat Veteran Douglas Scott took his own life on Sunday night. | Source

Twitter Philanthropy?

The idea of organizing a Philanthropic Organization on Twitter seems new, but it is one that seems to be readily accepted by users of the platform.

Using the SocialBlade analytical tools, It can be determined that the vast amount of Mr.Pulte's Twitter followers came from the tweets in which he promises to give X amount of money to a random person who retweets.

Two months ago, Mr.Pulte was at around 108 followers. Now he is well over 500,000.
Two months ago, Mr.Pulte was at around 108 followers. Now he is well over 500,000. | Source

Evidently, the promise of free money is a great way to gain new followers; however, the tweets come with a purpose. Using his new followers, or "Teammates," the Philanthropist sends out tweets for calls to action in helping out families like those of veteran Douglas Scott.

Just this week, Mr.Pulte and his Teammates were able to assist the family of Emma Hernandez by completely funding the funeral of the 9 year old girl. The Hernandez family and community are still reeling from the tragedy when Emma was killed by three dogs on Monday.

The response was overwhelming and the family can breathe a little easier knowing that the funeral costs will be covered with the support from Bill Pulte and his Team.

It can be assumed that this is a positive use of technology. The ability to organize such a large and powerful force for good and help families, people, and organizations alike get support in any way possible is a great thing for us. In addition, it may also be assumed that more Philanthropists and wealthy people will start organizing "Teams" like how Mr.Pulte has to help people out wherever possible.

My Closing Thoughts

It's honestly refreshing to see someone so dedicated to using their wealth to organize people on a social media platform and create a community centered around helping people. Sometimes it can get to be a little overwhelming when I see articles designed to make people angry and sad rather than focusing on the positive news whenever possible.

We are long overdue for someone like Mr.Pulte and maybe we should focus on ensuring that our political leaders are also taking care of Americans rather than using people as political tools. Let Bill Pulte be an example for all and let's start being nicer to each other regardless of our differences.

Do you think what Bill Pulte is doing should be encouraged?

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© 2019 Andres Danilo Martinez


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