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Developing a new film

Updated on October 22, 2012

Images from our first rehersal

Pablo and Linda
Pablo and Linda
Erica and Maria
Erica and Maria

Why these characters? he asked me

You see, i decided to bring this issue to life because most folks see dwarfs as nothing, many of us believe that they worth nothing whereas there are a good number of them contributing positively to our societies at large.Let me talk about Africa per say. Africa is a part of the world where timidity and humility still hold the other of the day and almost every country that make up Africa has no room for dwarfs.I must say that one of my very good friends in Havana is a Pediatrics and she is a dwarf.

Sometimes this category of persons themselves see no value or worth in themselves so in this film, i wish to positively pass on a passionate message that captures the scope of we as people,to let my viewers know that dwarfs are humans and deserves the same opportunity like everyone else.

I titled the film Love at first sight and i have a reason...

It is all about that kind of love that sweeps you off your balance, it is about animal attraction, believe me it is about our widest imagination...

Over view

Love at first sight is a ´FICTION STORY´ about Pablo and Linda, two lovers but are dwarfs. Pablo’s adores Linda and wants to marry her but she doesn’t want to marry him because she is afraid that they will born only dwarfs so considering the stigma the public hand on dwarfs, she decided to end her relationship with Pablo but as fate may have it, she met Robert, a medical doctor who is physically fit so meeting Robert pushed her to dump Pablo and that left Pablo dejected. Citing that he cannot live without Linda, he decided to take his own life because to him the two things he has in his life are Linda whom he considers his wife and his life. “Better to lose both than have one and loose one he believed”. As fate may have it, he came across Erica, a physically fit lady who is also a victim of heartbreak and meeting Erica led both of them to a path no one could ever imagine.

EXTRAS…Marriage minister, Shop attendant, Man at snack shop, Guests

PABLO…………….Dwarf…..AMANDA………….Dwarf…… LINDA…………....Dwarf
ROBERT………… Doctor.....ERICA…………....Teacher…..MARIA………..…Teacher JONATHAN………Hustler……PUPITO………....Drunkard.

Love, Betrayal, Dejection and Happiness of a Dwarf.

Almost the entire cast and few crew members...

Gigging up!
Gigging up!

Developing this film is not a though one, it pose no hard challenge apart from the normal, this fits or fits not so i and my crew are in the pre production of this film and we intend to shoot it in Ghana and also has the intention of staring Miss Adjoa Smart, a familiar face when it comes to the television in Ghana and a dwarf making a difference.

At the end of this film,i intend to do a short follow up, a documentary about dwarf syndrome...

This film is purely fiction and is based on my own creation and idea,and i intend to shoot the film under my company's name; Mobis Films and Studio Ventures so as i keep progressing in this project,i want you guys to simply be what you want to be

(c)2012 Mobis Films and Studio Ventures Presentation

All Rights Reserved.


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