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Devin Patrick: SC's Rising Mogul

Updated on March 9, 2018
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A publicist, author, stocker and musician from Lexington, SC.

Devin Patrick at the 2015 Charleston Geeche One Awards
Devin Patrick at the 2015 Charleston Geeche One Awards | Source

There is a giant in the middle of South Carolina that many outside the state have known about, but many here in South Carolina, his home state are uneducated about. This is the tragic truth that the spread of information within the state can rectify.

This man, Devin Patrick of Columbia, is the recording artist and celebrity graphic designer who has garnered many industry credits and won many awards. He is signed Columbia-based recording artist Lil Ru's record lable, Presidential Music, but also owns his own label, X-Rated Mafia Records, which has existed for aover a decade under many names, the first being 2Deep. He also coined the phrase "Killumbia," to which he also owns the trademark.

Patrick is the first Caucasian rap artist to ever be signed from South Carolina. He also holds degrees after studying for years at Midlands Audio Institute for audio engineering and Midlands Technical College for graphic design, and photography. With a vast major label credit list. He has worked with not only Ru, but also with veteran Pastor Troy, the latter known for such songs as "Ain't No Mo' Play in GA" and "Are We Cuttin," on multiple occasions.

Devin Patrick gained notoriety in 2005 When the song "Psycho Killas", with fellow South Carolinian MC Chad L., caused him to be arrested on for threatening an unknown midlands police officer. However, the charge was dropped by the solicitor after the news stations aired the case. According to Devin, he wrote the song after the alleged officer made prejudice remarks toward him to a close friend. He removed the song from his website after being arrested but later released an edited version without the officers name.

Circa 2006, he took a hiatus from recording to focus on music production and audio engineering. While in college he began working at the Jam Room recording studio. While there he was introduced to Darren "D-Luv" Martin (now Sheen Magazine owner), who signed Patrick to his R&B label, Love Town Productions, as a producer. There Devin produced two radio hits for singer Debbi, "Crazy" and "2 Fly," among other tracks.

In 2007 Patrick parted ways with Love Town Productions, citing creative differences. He placed two singles, "Got It" (feat. JTL) and "Bounce Bounce" (feat. MET G, Crown ROYal, & Chad L.). These two were extremely popular all over South Carolina. Shortly after he was sought out by Head Hunter Records co-owner DJ 9 Mill, who had just secured Lil Ru a deal with Capitol Records, although he later transferred to Def Jam Records. Patrick and Ru began recording the project at the Jam Room. "Don't I Look Good" and "I'm Spinnin' It" were two of the songs that came of those sessions. However, several meetings with HeadHunter proved fruitless as the Columbia-based label could not secure a deal for Patrick.

Nevertheless, he kept in contact with 9 Mill building the relationship as Lil Ru dropped global club hit "The Nasty Song", which gave Ru his contract with Def Jam in 2009, thus launching HeadHunter Records to the height of its career, with Gorilla Zoe & Busta Rhymes appearing on remixes of said record. This was succeeded by "Yea Dat's Money" (feat. Rick Ross). In 2011, Devin finally achieved the goal he wanted for so long, a mutual deal with HeadHunter Records. Patrick returned to the rap industry, beginning work on a full-length album, The Addiction, and although it never saw a full release, it garnered a handful of singles, "Make It Rain" (feat. Dusty Roadz & J-KIDD), "Goin' Dumb" (feat. Mr. Flip), and "I Got You". But after several set backs and Lil Ru leaving Head Hunter, Devin too also parted ways at the beginning of 2012.

He took a brief hiatus from music over the next few years, during which he had his first child and reinvented himself as an artist. In 2014, Devin Patrick signed to Lil Ru's label Presidential Music after the two reconnected at that year's South Carolina Music Awards. He released his debut album, Problems, in early 2015. Which featured award nominated hit singles "Killumbia" (feat. many other artists from SC) and "Spazzmatic" (feat. Bandit). Lil Ru and Natalac where the only notable guest features on the album along with production from BTP (whose vast credits include productions for Lil Wayne, B.o.B. and Dorrough). To date Problems earned seven regional award nominations.

After the success of Killumbia many SC artists attempted to use the name without permission. Thus having him trademark and copyright the word. He later changed his name on his social media accounts from Devin Patrick to King Killumbia, implying he was the creator of "Killumbia".

In 2016 he released follow up album Welcome to Killumbia, a short ten-track album, with five bonus Remixed tracks from Problems. The album featuring singles "Money Up" (feat. Lil Ru & Pastor Troy), "Flossin'" (also with Ru) and "I'll Fuck Ya Bitch" (feat. Carolina Ace & Jay-Oh). The album was nominated several times and pulled the SC Underground Music Awards Best Song Collaboration of the Year award for "Money Up."

Devin Patrick is currently hard at work on his third album with Presidential, King Killumbia. In an interview he confirmed that the guests on this LP would include: Pastor Troy, Lil Ru, Project Pat, Murphy Lee, Lil Wyte, La Chat, Bone Crusher, Bubba SparxxX, Ben G and Natalac.

Devin Patrick is one of those with unmatched passion for music - a passion that very few can replicate.


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