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Dhoom 4 reloaded - Cast , Release date , interesting facts

Updated on October 1, 2016

Dhoom Reloaded

Dhoom Reloaded banner.
Dhoom Reloaded banner. | Source

There are many rumours about the cast of the film. But we got the confirmed news that Ishakazaade fame, Parineeti Chopra has got a role in the film. And this news is confirmed by Parineeti herself. She is working in the film after about 2 years. She has got a new look and she looks amazing with her abs. Recently she had a song in Dhishoom film and her new look was appreciated by whole industry. Kangna Ranaut was the competitor for this role to Pari, at last Pari won.

Parineeti Chora


Producers of the Dhoom wants to make this film high and that's why they have asked Salman Khan for the film. According to the sources, Salman is demanding ration of the profit and that is what Producers are looking for other options available like Prabhas. DHOOM 3 was super hit with 300 crores of business all over the world.

Until this date no news for Abhishek Bachchan regarding Dhoom. So this time, he might not be in the film. Or maybe not declared yet officially.

The probable release date of Dhoom 4 is September 2017.


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