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Who are the DhoomBros?

Updated on January 7, 2018
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The MAS is a driven individual who loves to write about stuff that inspires him such as technology, social media and entertainment.

DhoomBros. | Source

There are various instances where individuals from different parts of the world showcased their talents in photography, content writing, graphic designing and video-making widely to become world renowned. Social media itself has become the perfect tool for gaining quick popularity and becoming a household name. This is of course backed by ever-evolving technological advancements which plays a significant role in capturing the true essence of fame and glory for these talented individuals. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have been quite a decent launchpad for these individuals who can be referred to as internet celebrities - gadgets being secondary. This list of individuals continues to grow at a very fast pace from different (if not all) parts of the world. One such instance is the DhoomBros, who became popular by entertaining the world through their breathtaking performances and entertaining dance videos. But it takes a whole lot more than just a video to be recognized by the world for entertaining fans with extraordinary showcase of talent. Here, skills and performance abilities come into play. DhoomBros is one such talented group of individuals.


Starting off in the summers of 2008, DhoomBros have been on the verge of becoming a household name through their brilliant performances and enjoyable videos. Whether as actors, dancers, entertainers, DJs, businessmen and most notably YouTubers, DhoomBros are one of the most entertaining groups that have been creating quite a lot of engaging videos to promote a positive side of their culture.

Blast, Boom, Bang - whatever meaning the name suggests, this group of four talented individuals is always a delight to watch every time they upload/release their enchanting videos. They never failed to impress. The group consisting of four individuals is based in New York and Houston. From vlogs, to short films, music videos, a satirical take on everyday desi lives, a dance performance, or even a parody of mainstream entertainment, these boys have an enchanting factor associated to their videos that engages their viewers so well that one cannot just ignore the entertaining influence this group has over a legion of fans around the world. DhoomBros are definitely a refined form of a much wanted entertainment spectacle that is provided with pure allure and a sensational appeal towards a notable fan-following. Standing by the primary goal of bringing smiles to faces through their videos, DhoomBros are definitely on a mission of providing the perfectly desired entertainment to millions of fans around the world.

DhoomBros Tagline

Don't Stop. Keep Going!

DhoomBro sporting a 'Hum Kahan Chal Diye' promotional t-shirt.
DhoomBro sporting a 'Hum Kahan Chal Diye' promotional t-shirt. | Source


Following are the four active members of the group. Other individual accounts of the members are given as follows:-

  1. Shehryaar Asif
  2. Hussain Asif
  3. Atif Khan
  4. Waqas Riaz

Did you know?

Shehry has his own YouTube channel as well on which he uploads vlogs by the name 'Shehry's Vlogs'?

Road To Success

DhoomBros initially started of as a dance group before officially launching themselves back in the year 2008 via YouTube and Facebook respectively, after they famously performed to a popular Bollywood song called 'Dhoom Again' from the Bollywood movie Dhoom 2, at a school talent show which immediately gained them recognition amongst their peers and the school faculty as well. This was the instance of motivation when they decided on to being referred to as the DhoomBros having the primary aim of entertaining people through dance performances and other entertaining acts. Subsequent to this, they became more regular through the comical representation of the common household events and phrases generally popular in Pakistan through ‘Stuff Pakistanis Say’.

Later, they also parodied a famous Pakistani drama serial called ‘Humsafar’, which also got popular amongst the viewers that was quickly followed by a parody of the hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ and most recently their notable work includes the ‘Evolution of Bollywood Dance’ that recreates the dancing styles of the Bollywood industry.

DhoomBros. | Source

We are here to entertain and spread laughter throughout the world.

— DhoomBros

Making a Presence Felt

DhoomBros have had a notable presence over the internet on a number of platforms. They have uploaded some of the most eye-catching videos on their YouTube channel because of their innovative styles in dance and also some brilliantly scripted characters that appear in their videos such as 'Dolly Aunty'.

One of their most viewed videos includes a dance performance video that has over three million views on YouTube. For quite some years now, they have been able to attract audiences from all parts of the world with their videos.

Dolly Aunty

Dolly Aunty is a very popular character which was created, innovated and popularized by the DhoomBros in their videos.

Associated Acts

With millions and millions of users all around the world, Youtubers have a lot in common and they are quite a family as they strive to entertain audiences all around the globe through their talents. DhoomBros have a lot of YouTube friends and quite a lot of other famous Youtubers as their associated acts. With this mode of entertainment, individuals have reached great levels of fame and glory as their audiences love and admire the kind of amusement they achieve through their favorite YouTubers. DhoomBros have quite a lot of fellow YouTubers who grace their videos and vlogs quite often then not. Some of these internet celebrities are listed as follows:

  • Zaid Ali T
  • Sham Idrees
  • Shahveer Jafry
  • Hassan's Music
  • Smith Massey
  • Hamzah Qureshi

Apart from these famous internet personalities, they also feature Maha, who is the younger sister of Shehryaar and Hussain. She's been in quite a lot of their videos and vlogs. Her cuteness is overloaded with fun, innocence and excitement that can be seen in their videos.

Shehryaar with his sister Maha.
Shehryaar with his sister Maha. | Source


Although DhoomBros keep their fans posted via their Instagram page, there are a number of other pages that post related content. Their fan base is growing that emanates from almost all around the world. With a fan following like that, they continue to inspire a legion of fans all over the world. These fans are also referred to as Dhoomies who get entertained by their entertaining videos.

Shehrynation is just one of the many fan-managed instagram pages that has been influenced by the impact that this dance group have been able to create for almost over a decade now. Shehrynation updates DhoomBros' inspired posts every now and then. They are quite energetic admirers and staunch supporters of the DhoomBros. Apparently this page is being managed by two beautiful girls who proudly call themselves as Dhoomies as Shehrynation has been so adherent to the likes of the group that they keep their followers updated with the latest news regarding the DhoomBros. These kind of fans are truly a blessing.

DhoomBros. | Source

Upcoming and entertaining internet sensations are a delight to watch as they amuse mass audiences around the world. This is truly an art of brilliance. The DhoomBros have been a YouTube sensation for almost a decade now. They continue to impress through there entertaining videos and brilliant performances. This group has a lot up their sleeves with a lot more to come that has a significant portion of viewership on social networking sites.

With that thought I'd wrap this article. Hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Also you guys can comment and vote in the sections below. Thanks for reading!


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© 2017 Muhammad Ali

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