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Did ABC Give Wendy Williams An Unfair Advantage On DWTS?

Updated on March 29, 2011

Wendy Williams Guests on One Life To Live

I remember in years gone by when political candidates were up for election, if one was given airtime, the other had to be given airtime, as well, so one wasn't getting an unfair advantage over the other. So I was a bit shocked when one of the contestants on the latest Dancing With The Stars, Wendy Williams, was giving a part of a TV news reporter reporting on all the goings on of the characters on One Life To Live.

I wouldn't think much of it if her appearance took place on a Wednesday or a Friday, but it can be no coincidence she aired on a Monday hours before she was scheduled to appear on the latest episode of the reality dance show and right before voters vote for their favorite dancer.

Last week, Ms. Williams got very low scores for her dance routine. That score, plus what she gets this week and audience votes will decide whether she stays or goes. The fact that Ms. Williams scenes weren't with any of the One Life To Live characters, allows her to have filmed them last week and ABC just edited them into the episode that would air a few hours before the latest episode of DWTS, in hope of giving her a voting edge over her competition.

The first season of DWTS was filled with controversy when ABC soap star, Kelly Monaco, won the title over John O'Hurley, when most felt she was subpar compared to him. Outraged viewers accused soap fans of hers mass-voting for her. The controversy became so heated, they had Monaco and O'Hurley do another dance-off, and this time O'Hurley won. So having a contestant appear on a soap opera could give that contestant an unfair voting advantage over the other contestants.

Until this season of DWTS's I've never even heard of this woman or several other of the contestants. I may not be the only one. By putting her on a daytime soap a few hours before she is set to dance on the show and viewers are set to vote for who stays and who goes is giving her an advantage over the other lesser known contestants. From some of the posts on the ABC OLTL message board, many of the posters loved her appearance. So if those same people tune into DWTS, they're more apt to vote to keep her on the show even if she is the worst dancer because of liking what she did on OLTL.

By ABC putting her on their soap to increase her exposure to the viewing audience, they've given her an unfair advantage over the other contestants.


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