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Did Michael Jackson stage his death?

Updated on March 16, 2011


Like the death of Elvis, Marylin Monroe, Kurt Kobain and others, the unexpected death of Michael Jackson lead to rumors and speculations that he might have staged his own death. Among other things, there’s a list of facts that makes some people think that way:

1.He was sick and tired of celebrity

Michael was tired of celebrity, he said in many interviews that he would love to have a normal life, in which he could go to the grocery store, parks and other public places without being chased by the media.

2.No actual proof of death:

There is no picture of Michael Jackson dead.This is his last picture, showing Michael in his way to the hospital on June 25th:

Last known picture of Michael Jackson

3.Where is he buried?

Nobody knows when the actual burial took or will take place.The funeral ceremony that will be held in July 7th is just for the public, and it's not the actual burial of Michael.His family anounced that Michael Jackson will be burried in a private ceremony.

What do you think?

Did Michael Jackson stage his death?

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    • profile image

      erty 8 years ago

      I suppose phylosophically speaking he's dead (no matter he's dead for sure or staged it), because only a madman would do a comeback now or whatever.

      Also I wonder did sudden profits covered his credit? If not, then there was no real need to stage death for flash profits.

      Also, even if he's is/was alive after incident, he was dead for public and if he escapes public knowledge, it basically doesn't matter if Jackson has really expired.

      I suppose if no further facts are given this will be left in the same category as Hitler's death (btw recently I read he might have not been burnt or shot himself in 1945 after all. Skull fragments from Russia wasn't his.)

    • Zulfiquar Ahmed profile image

      Zulfiquar Ahmed 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      April Ryan, It is great to learn manything about one of my favourite pop icons. It really hurts when ready to accept the loss of our shining star. Great job!!