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Did Video Really Kill The Radio Star?

Updated on July 13, 2008

Fallen On Deaf Ears

Could it really be so? Have popular beasts like MTV, BET or VH1 killed the old horse-and-buggy known as radio? Is no one interested in hearing the raspy, soulful voice of artists like Amy Winehouse blaring through their speakers, or are they more comfortable being scared to death by her beehive. FYI I am Amy's biggest fan. I'm just saying that maybe the public has become WAY to obsessed with seeing their favorite artists rather than hearing them, and if this is the case that would definitely explain the unbelievable lack of talent being spit onto television. My apologies for comparing today's music "stars" with spit, because spit at least has a purpose in life.

When will the public embrace the dorky kid with thick glasses and the voice that Jesus himself would buy boot-leg? I say turn off the T.V and let's find out! Turn on your radio and see if Mariah Carey's sultry voice is enough to make you go out and buy her CD, or if the little polka-dot bikini in her video makes you forget she's even a singer? Quit watching TRL and wishing you were in the audience up-close-and-personal with Beyonce, just so you could pat her weave.

We've all heard of the pressures that artists face; lose weight, gain weight, grow your hair, cut your hair, be tougher, be softer, be more feminine, be more masculine, be sexy. Damn, can they just be already! And why the hell do we turn on the T.V. to support the mess record labels make of people? In all fairness we aren't supporting our favorite singer, rapper, rocker or punker we're supporting the agencies behind their look. Prime example: before Ashley Simpson became a Barbie Doll she was human, and even after the transformation she's talentless. What the hell was the point? Can't these agencies just shove people with no hope out the door instead of making them believe if they chop themselves up a bit, they can come back and have a shot at fame? Thumbs up to you big business, for making fools out of idiots.

So put down your i-pods (with video capabilities) and sound off! Am I wrong or just brutally honest? Can we resuscitate radio and breathe life back into this lost medium?

Oh and before anyone starts rumors that I'm some 'ole fogey who can't handle the paradigm shift remember the last time that technology burned you? Don't forget the other day you picked up the phone to call abc company; the telephone company, your credit card agency, name one they all got the same guard dog on duty. You know her, she always tells you to press one for English and 1533 for Vietnamese. Or to further upset you she offers you the option to say what it is you want? Huh? Remember how you had to press 7 different buttons, be transferred twice only to be hung up on by, "THE MACHINE." As frustrated as you were, you called back innocently enough trying to get a live person on the phone and realized that pressing 0 only pisses the thing off more and makes her repeat herself!

Yeah, who's calling who old now! I hope that in years to come, whether cars fly, or people do, my radio still gets cranked loud as hell, pisses off the neighbors, and I can still care less what the person yelling sweet nothings through my radio looks like.


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    • trusouldj profile image

      LaZeric Freeman 

      7 years ago from Hammond

      I hardly listen to the radio anymore. CDS that I can trust to feed my mood are the way to go.

    • PEN-n-PAD profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Washington

      I so wanted to say that about Mariah, thank you so much honestly Mariah hasn't really sang a song since she was white, now that's she black its all crap! Haha.  I remember I was in like 5th grade when she came out and she was actually making music then, now its like listening to bird calls!

       Thanks for hittin' me up!

    • talented_ink profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      WOW! You're a smartass after my own heart. Honestly some videos KILL the song for me because either the artist is fugly or the video's concept is so insane it's ridiculous. I like Amy Winehouse much that I actually bought her album, but some artists really mess themselves up with their publicized personal life b.s. And in closing...Mariah doesn't sing...she only delivers high pitched whale mating calls.


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