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Top 5 Reasons Why Lil Wayne's Death Would Benefit Birdman

Updated on March 30, 2020

Lil Wayne is a living hip hop legend. He has been the heart of Cash Money since the 90's. He has been the head of Young Money since 2005. Lil Wayne took over Hip Hop at a time when people thought the music was dying. Many people considered Wayne to be the best rapper alive and still do. Birdman has ate off of Lil Waynes success for a long time. Hes always seemed like a shadow behind Lil Wayne. Watching Waynes every move. Calling each other Father and Son and even kissing each other in the lips. Its no seceret that things have seemed strange with these two for a while. Many people saying that this beef could be a gay love triangle gone wrong. I'm not here to make any assumptions or spread false allegations. I don't know if Birdman was actually involved in trying to kill Lil Wayne but I do think he would have a lot to benefit if Wayne was to suddenly die.

5. Young Money

Lil Wayne founded Young Money in 2005. Currently Mack Mane serves as president of Young Money. Young Money is just an imprint of Cash Money. Believe it or not Young Money is actually worth a lot of money. Between Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Wayne Young Money has released some pretty huge projects.With Lil Wayne dead Birdman would fully control the label. Birdman would begin to inherit more funds from this label and its artist. Wayne dead would probably be the end of the label completely and the artist would be re-contracted under Cash Money. Birdman would definitely benefit from Young Money if Lil Wayne was no longer in the picture.

4. Birdman Would No Longer Owe Wayne

According to Lil Wayne, Birdman owes him around $51 million. In response Birdman is suing Tidal for streaming Waynes mix-tape. All lawsuits could end if only Wayne was dead. Birdman could keep all his money and maybe even still get 50 million from Tidal. The love of money is the root to all evil and Birdman loves his money. Would he have Wayne killed to keep his money? After all 50 million isn't chump change!

3. Young Thug Replaces Wayne

Everybody knows Young Thug is a bootleg Wayne. Young Thug has copied everything Wayne does. To simply put it Young Thug is a swagger jacker. Its hard to believe Birdman would actually try to replace a Hip Hop legend for this guy. The only thing that Young Thug does differently from Wayne is he acts like hes gay. If Wayne was dead Birdman could allow Young Thug to have the full spotlight. He could make another Hip Hop legend the way he helped make Wayne who he is. Out with the old and in with the new. Young Thugs popularity would sky rocket if people started to speckulate that maybe Young Thug was involved in the death of Wayne. Kill Wayne with just enough evidence to link it to Thug but not prosecute him. That would make Hip Hop fans go crazy and make Birdman and Young Thug a lot of money. Mainly Birdman though because he doesn't pay his artist anything anyways. I'm sure one day Young Thug will be complaining about is royalties deserved.

2. The Carter V

Birdman has constantly refused to release The Carter V. The question on my mind is why? Wouldn't it bring Birdman and the label more money even if him and Wayne are not getting along? Perhaps hes been waiting for Lil Waynes untimely death. If Wayne was to suddenly die The Carter V would sell in record breaking numbers. It would be streamed like crazy and Birdman could keep all the income generated to himself. Lil Wayne has repeatedly stated that he wanted The Carter V to be his last Album. I can hear the conspiracy theorist now. Maybe Birdman decided to literally make sure this is his last album.

1. Big Money To Blow

The Carter V would only be the beginning. Lil Wayne has touch the hearts of millions with his impressive body of work. Wayne would be honored all over the media and social media. His sales would sky rocket. All great entertainers are worth more dead. Birdman would get super wealthy if Lil Wayne was to pass away. I'm not making the claim that Birdman actually wants to kill Wayne but he sure would benefit from it in some major ways.

Do You Think Birdman Wants Wayne Dead?

Do You Think Birdman Wants Wayne Dead?

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