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Die Hard Rhymes

Updated on September 30, 2017

Die Hard

Die Hard

It was the night before Christmas.
An NYPD detective came to Los Angelos.
His name was McClane. John Mclane.
Went to L.A, searching for his estranged.
For his estranged wife Holly.
He found she was at a Christmas Party.
He attended and a group held hostage.
All in the party but he escapes.
Attempting to stop Han Gruber's fate.
Meanwhile, Gruber interrogates a hostage.
For the code to the vault in the building.
He reveals his intentions.
He plans to steal $640 million.
Of bears and bonds in the vault.
With a strategy that will pay the cost.
In the meantime, he kills the hostage.
The hostage refused to give it.
All the while, McClane is secretly watching.
But a member of Gruber's team is aware of it.
McClane was being chased but he kills the member.
Gruber sends more guys to go after.
To go after McClane. But he kills them both.
Then help arrives. There is more hope.
McClane steals a bag of C-4 explosives.
Along with many detonators.
He used the C-4 to blow up.
A building floor with an armored truck.
He confronts Han bur Han hides his fate.
He disguises himself as a hostage that's escaped.
McClane gives him a gun. Gruber attempts to aim.
Points the gun right at McClane.
He attempts to shoot and finds out it's empty.
McClane kills off more of his army.
He rejoins Holly, after killing them all
Shoots Gruber and watches him fall.

Die Hard 2

All On Board

In Washington Dulles around Christmas time
John McClane looked to again shines
He meets William Stuart and his team.
Who established a base in Washington Dulles.
There, they seize control of the airport.
In a mission, to free a drug lord.
General Roman Esperanza of Val Verde.
Charged by the US for trafficking.
Stuart and his team were planning.
On helping the general escaping.
Their plan can work. He may escape.
McClane attempted to stop them before it's too late.
They called in help but Stuart prevailed.
He kept the landing system on the trail.
That it was on from the start.
Made sure that he was doing his part.
To hide where Esperanza's landing
But McClane finds it and is pursuing.
He reaches the landing spot.
But Esperanza realizes his plot.
The battle was rough but McClane.
Did what he needed to stop the plane.
He hitched a ride and got on its side.
Esperanza saw him and was surprised.
While he drove the plane, he sent someone.
To get him off but he met the right one.
McClane knocked him off, into the engine.
The engine sucked him and he was finished.
He goes for Stuart and the drug lord.
But instead, he destroys all on board.

Die Hard 3 with a Vengeance

Simon Says

Jon McClane was well known around Christmas.
Well recognized in the Department.
The department got a call from one of his fans.
His name was Simon, but he had other plans.
His plans were not of good intentions.
He gave them instructions and wanted them to listen.
If they did not drop McClane in Harlem.
If they didn't comply. He threatened to bomb them.
They Complied and sent him where they were instructed.
But a sandwich shop owner abducted.
Zeus Carver stepped in and saved McClane.
They escaped and returned to the same.
To the same place that it all started.
But Simon calls again and gives more instructions.
He's planting bombs and blowing them up.
Carver and McClane are pairing up.
Simon says there is one on a Brooklyn train.
Which is located by Carver and McClane.
McClane picks it up and throws it away.
But the bomb detonates. It derails the train.
Carver warns and saves injuries.
The duo regroups with the police.
They are informed who Simon really is.
So they understand what they were dealing with.
Simon was a Colonel in an army.
He's the brother of an old Enemy.
Meanwhile, Simon calls the police.
To tell them of a bomb in NYC
Simon tells them that he will give the location.
If McClane and Carver keep playing.
Keep playing his game. They set off to find it.
but realize the game is a distraction.
Simon plots to steal from a bank.
They all catch on before it's late.
Meanwhile, Simon's planning to escape.
But like his brother, McClane ends his fate.

Die Hard 5

He did not fail

McClane saves the world 3 times.
John McClane earned the right to decide.
To decide if he wanted another case.
But he did not show signs of walking away.
He was offered a case by the NYPD.
To track a hacker the FBI was watching.
Matthew Farrell. He was a hacker for years.
After the FBI outage, they had feared.
Fears that he was the one behind it.
But he's not and McClane strives to prove it.
They both join and go to Washington D.C.
Where Farrell revealed that corporate security.
They Contacted him. But Mai Linh was behind it.
She made the call and disguised it.
Thomas Gabriel then stepped in.
& took control of all transportation grids.
He was threatening the United States.
But Farrell recognizes his plan in place.
He's planning a fire sale.
He said the states but he wants the world.
Farrel goes to Fredrick Kaludis.
Kaludis is a hacker that will help their mission.
He accesses a building in Maryland.
The Social Security Administration.
They then realize that it is all a disguise.
It's a facility, that is used to hide.
To hide Gabriel's intentions.
Planning a cyber attack on the nation.
Kaludis identifies his location.
But Gabriel's skill and talents.
Detects what is coming.
McClane and Farrell come to the facility.
Where they discover Gabriel downloading.
Downloading all the information.
Encrypting data from the nation.
He kidnaps Farell
McClane is on his trail.
He tracks him down and rescues Farell.
It's just another mission that he did not fail.

A good day to die Hard

New Era/Same Ending

A CIA agent named Jack McClane.
Was working undercover for 3 years.
Looking to bring down Viktor Chagarin
Official wanted for his corruption
He's incriminating, Yuri Kamarov.
Because he has evidence that he knows will solve.
Will solve the problem Russia had all along.
To prove that this official is wrong.
John McClane finds out.
He books his ticket and flies out.
He lands and goes to the courthouse.
Where a huge explosion lets Komarov out.
On the run, they hide in a safe house.
There, John finds out.
That his son Jack is an officer.
He also meets his partner.
His Partner Collins demands.
The location of the files to bring Chagarin.
To bring Chargin down. Komorov agrees.
Under the condition that he and his daughter leave.
Meanwhile, they are tracked by Charagins men.
They escape but Collins is shot dead.
The stop at Irina's as planned.
But her behavior had John mad.
He was suspicious and knew why.
It was proven when men come by.
They hold everyone hostage.
Komarov walks up and launches.
Launches at his daughter while she fears.
She grabs him and pulls him near.
She pulls him near them and away from Jack.
She was offered money that she couldn't turn back.
Jack was tied up and John was tied up.
Yet they broke free and killed all standing up.
Komarov was caught but they still pursued.
The vault with the files that revealed the truth.
They get there but Charagins crew preceded.
But they didn't find the files they needed.
But it never existed. It was a trick.
Charagin was killed as part of it.
John and Jack enter in.
They looked around and see the intentions.
The intentions of Kamarov. He tried to escape.
But the McClanes ended his fate.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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    • profile image

      Pat Mills 6 months ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      Interesting - but this seems more like creative writing with spoilers than critique.