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Different Types of Western Dance Forms

Updated on August 1, 2016

Dance Forms

Shaking a leg to different forms of dance is not only fun, but also energizing. The Silicon Valley of India is a major hub for a variety of dance forms.

Here are some fantastic styles that have made Bangalore their new home


Glide around, do the moonwalk or how about roboting to show off those moves? Hip-hop is more than just a hip and a hop. It’s funky, it’s a fabulous expression of street dance and it’s enlivening.

Hip hop

B-boying/ Breakdancing

Street dancing taken to an all new level, that’s b-boying for you. If hip-hop is your style and you are ready to take it to another level, then this is the one. It’s power-packed, a complete calorie-burner, but also enhances core stamina-building. The best part is that it combines creativity and art in doing so.



This drool-worthy dance form is for all those jazz and rock lovers out there. This social dance is so exciting, especially when you have a fun partner to dance with! Imagine the thrill when you can master all those power-packed moves along with your partner. Make it count!

Contemporary dance

This dance form is all about breaking rigid shackles and fluidity of expression at its best. It’s a beautiful way of connecting the body with the soul.


Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood dance has its origins in Indian classical and folk dance. Over the years this has been mixed with popular Western dance forms. Fusing classical Indian steps with folk, Latin and hip-hop styles, it offers a fast-moving and vivacious dancing workout that is great for enjoyable group exercise.

Make dancing your daily cup of tea. With great professional dance courses offered by various dance classes in Bangalore, it’s so easy to get fit and have fun with dance! It’s time to bring those dancing shoes out!

Bollywood Dance


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