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Digitech Jamman | Record, Play, Loop, Repeat

Updated on December 15, 2010
Click below for great deals on the Digitech Jamman
Click below for great deals on the Digitech Jamman | Source

Hey everyone, I just want to talk about the Digitech Jamman (check out my other review as well).  This is a great pedal, whether you use it live or if you're just using it at home.  It has a ton of features other than just being able to repeat what you play.  In my experience using this looping pedal, I found it works great live as a backup guitarist or works really well at home when trying to come up with great licks. It all depends what you're looking for, so let's take a better look.

This is an extremely powerful looping pedal.  The Digitech Jamman comes with 2 foot switches and gives you the ability to save up to 99 loops at one time. With the ability to keep adding new layers, your possibilities are endless. I would say that one of the easiest functions about this pedal is being able to just play and then press the record button and let the pedal do its work.  The second pedal gives the ability to stop all your loops as well as set a tempo so that you can play in time with others.  Again from my experience I've found this useful as a tool, as I am the type of person will spend hours just jamming over one riff or chord progression trying to find that golden lick.

Part of the Jamman's power is that it has a removable CompactFlash card slot. This allows you to save a ton of loops, which you can export your computer and save and edit. Again this card gives you the opportunity to save 6 1/2 hours of recorded material. You can also connect the Jamman to your computer through a USB cable, again giving you the ability to save your loops.

The Digitech Jamman can also slow down and speed up your loops or songs without changing the pitch at all. It is excellent if you're learning other licks,  whether it's your guitar heroes or something a bandmate wrote. Once you have your loops recorded you're able to set the volume and speed as well as pan to the left and right speakers if you wish. You would be very surprised with some of the amazing soundscapes you can come up with like this.

My overall impression of the Digitech Jamman is that it is an extremely powerful looping pedal that can sometimes take a little bit of figuring out, but definitely has a use for any guitar player. With the price around $300 or so, it's not necessarily the cheapest pedal, but I still strongly recommend it as the features it offers are well designed. Digitech has also taken the time to make this an extremely durable pedal with a Boss style metal housing.  For more reviews of guitar gear, check out My Guitar Time.  Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful!


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