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DirecTV Scheduled to Drop All Viacom Networks

Updated on May 8, 2013

Remember when DirecTV dropped G4 permanently in 2010 or when they temporarily blacked out local Miami and Boston channels during NFL Playoffs just this year? That was nothing. DirecTV viewers recently learned that, as of midnight tonight (night of Tuesday, July 10, 2012), all Viacom networks, which include some of the country’s most popular channels and programming, will be dropped simultaneously.

Here's what you'll be missing...

While Viacom owns 26 American TV assets, not all of them are currently available on DirecTV. That’s good news, right? That means less to lose. Wrong. While DirecTV customers won’t be losing 26 channels, they will be losing the 18 DirecTV currently offers via Viacom. Here’s a complete list of what will go with the drop:


· Centric


· Comedy Central

· Logo


· MTV2

· MTV Tr3s

· Nick

· Nick at Nite

· Nick Jr.

· NickToons

· Palladia

· Spike

· TeenNick

· TV Land

· VH1

· VH1 Classic

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Why the drop?

As in most disputes of this nature, it involves a new contract agreement. DirecTV has explained to their customers that the Viacom drop is an effort to keep their bills low, as they claim Viacom is requesting 30% more than their last agreed upon rate. They also note that switching providers is not the answer as it still allows Viacom to increase their rates and add a promise that they will “get the deal done.”

Meanwhile, Viacom claims that DirecTV has not been cooperating with the negotiation process, which was supposed to end in a new contract on June 30, 2012. They mention that DirecTV is currently offering them a lower rate than any other pay TV service provider and that their seven-year-old contract meant DirecTV was already paying much less than most others for a longer period of time. If DirecTV refuses to agree on a fair rate, they say, the channels that comprise 20% of DirecTV customers’ total viewing and 50% of children’s viewing (Nickelodeon) will necessarily be forced out of DirecTV’s lineups.

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    • DISH Network Talk profile image

      DISH Network Talk 5 years ago from Florida


      I'm not sure of exact contract dates (as that's not public information), but I do know that DISH's contract with Viacom is current and in good standing. DirecTV's agreement with Viacom was much older than Viacom's agreement with most other service providers when it expired (including DISH), hence the dispute between the two over current rates.

    • scooterport profile image

      James Roberts 5 years ago from Summerville, Georgia

      So when is Dish Network's contract up with Viacom?