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DIRECTV Chinese Packages

Updated on February 24, 2014

Direct TV is a satellite pay-TV operator that offers both digital and high definition programming, with a wide range of channels available from the local to the international. At the moment competition in the pay-TV market is mostly between cable and satellite operators, with satellite companies gaining market share steadily.

Why Choose DIRECTV?

Satellite TV has certain advantages over cable, including the fact that access is not limited by the lack of an existing cable Network, but mostly the fact that base packages offered by satellite companies are similarly priced to cable operators, but offer more channels which are fully digital. Cable operators still offer analog channels in their base packages, and the costs of adding digital channels to a subscription can even double the monthly fee.

One major advantage of Direct TV versus cable operators is the range of international packages it offers, targeting all the major ethnic groups in America. By providing programming in their native language, Direct TV has positioned itself as a must-have service for these households. The support provided to customers is invaluable, because it makes ordering easy, by a simple phone call, and even in their native language, which increases the likelihood of new subscribers.

One such package targets the Chinese-American population, which provides Direct TV access to almost 3.6 million people, translating into approximately 1,000,000 potential subscriptions, at approximately 3 people per household. The Direct TV Chinese service offers both Cantonese as well as Mandarin channels, set up as two individual subscription packages. Households that wish to subscribe to the service must also subscribe to one of Direct TVs base packages.

Mandarin Direct Package

The Mandarin direct package offers six Mandarin channels that provide the best of Chinese television entertainment from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong at $19.99 per month. Some of the channels included in this package are Phoenix NA TV, which broadcasts news, current affairs, financial market updates and dramas, CCTV-4, which delves deeper into China's history, culture, economics and politics, and Tai Seng Sat TV, channel that brings viewers the best and most recent TV series and movies from China, Korea and Asia.

The JadeWorld Tai Seng Entertainment package consists of four Cantonese and two Mandarin channels and will set you back about $37 every month. Tai Seng Entertainment, which broadcasts movie since TV shows from Hong Kong China Korea and Asia for Cantonese audiences, and TVB2, which offers up to date news from Hong Kong, popular dramas, entertainment shows and cartoons, are two of the channels, this package offers.

The Direct TV Chinese service brings viewers some live their favorite shows, including Mainland News TVB 8, with the latest news from major Chinese cities, Sisy’s Show, a talk show that focuses on political, economic and social issues, and A Date With Lu-Yu, with China's favorite talk show host, who covers a wide range of relevant topics.

Direct TV also provides a website in Chinese, to further expand its customer service offering.


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