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Pod Casting for Beginners.

Updated on December 16, 2014

Quality of a podcast is imperative.


Making a great podcast is relatively easy. Actually, any individual who has the access to the internet and a computer at their disposal can make a standard podcast. However, for the podcasts to be meaningful, you will have to promote and distribute your podcast to the expansive online audience. This makes promotion the driving force that propels sales and podcast popularity online. But unlike content marketing, promoting a podcast can be a real challenge. While it may be easier to market newly made podcasts, the sales may stall or even halt as the online audience become accustomed to the same old stuff over time. To your aid, the podcasting quick start guide below will you the secrets to making a great podcast that can weather the competition online.

Start by assembling the right tools for making the podcast.

It's no brainer. The quality of the podcast is fully dependent on the tools used in making it. As with any other product sold online, quality podcast translates to more sales. As you set out your podcast, consider your audience and their specific requirements. Their needs dictate the packages you will need in making the podcast. Basically, these include a microphone, a mixer (for analog mic) and headset to cancel out any distracting noise in the background.

Next, secure the right software that you will use in making the podcast. For high standard podcasts, you will then have to secure the right software. You could either pick free software packages like Audacity or alternatively, you could order for the paid for software like Adobe Audition if the podcast should be of the highest quality. All in all, ensure the software fits your needs.

Making a great podcast requires caution and keenness.

How to make a great podcast.

When all is set, proceed to make an equally enticing podcast. How? For starters, organize whatever information you will use for the podcast in a logical, free flowing order. Make it enticing and inviting to your online audience. To ensure all is well, sample the equipments for efficiency. If all's well, go ahead and record the most fitting podcast you can make. Once done, save your work in your computer in MP3 format. You will want to ensure it's of the right speed; probably from 128 kbps. Edit the recording to eliminate any distractions such as long pause sessions and background noise.

Save the new file in a different name. This will be your final copy. Proceed to append tags and Identifying Details making sure to incorporate the dates when the podcast was made and its name.

Upload the podcast online.

Post the podcast online.

The handwork is almost over. But before you could celebrate, you'll have to upload your podcast online. And it isn't hard. Start by creating an RSS feed for your podcast at or the versatile Though you may be charged here, the charges are small and services great. Use the feed burner feature on the blog to locate your blogs URL. Once you have the blog on display, customize as you would like and then upload the MP3 you made earlier. Post your new podcast feed online ready to hit the stage running.

Selling the podcast.

To start earning from the podcast, submit it to various stores such as iTunes. Additionally, make a Web store where you charge subscribers of your podcasts.

Earn from your Podcast

Earn from your podcast by submitting them to multiple stores online.
Earn from your podcast by submitting them to multiple stores online. | Source

Podcasts can be a source of passive income.

Do you think podcasts are a great way to earn a passive income online?

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In summary, to make a podcast that has the potential of earning handsomely online , you'll need to have the right guidelines to start you off. With these quick tips provided herein, you are set to make a statement online with you podcasts.


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