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Discovery after Discovery

Updated on July 17, 2009


Childhood Memories

Even though I am grown, I still have plenty of childhood memories and discoveries. One of them, I remember like it was yesterday.

My mom use to love to see me dance. At the school where I attended was several dance classes. My mom decided to enroll me into one of the dance classes of my age group. We had practice every Tuesday and Friday.

            I loved to be the center of attention. So of course I always showed off in front of the other girls. If you ask me, I think that I was one of the best dancers in the class. My mom use to video tape every class. At the end of the school year all of the dance classes would come together and put on a big school dance recital. When my mom heard that she was so excited. At that time I was only seven years old. I did not know what a dance recital was but I was soon going to find out.

            Days, weeks, and months of practicing went by. It was now time for the big recital. The recital was being held in the school cafeteria. When we arrived at the school, I saw hundreds of people. I asked my mom why so many were people there. She said, “Nicole, they’re here to watch all of you perform.” I’ve always danced in front of people but not people that I did not know. My mom told me that a dance recital is when you put on a show for hundreds or thousands of people. I knew then that I could not mess up because most of all, I did not want anyone to laugh at me or point me out.

            In the recital, the older kids went first. I watched how the audience was going crazy. I told the rest of the girls on my dance team that we had to go out there on the stage and give it all that we had. We practiced our routine for one last time to see if everyone was on the same page. Then finally it was our turn.

            When we walked out on the stage, I saw my whole family suddenly end up at the front of the audience. My mom, who was my biggest fan, had a video camera. She was yelling out, “Go Nikki!” Like always, she found a way to embarrass me. The rest of my family had cameras and they were standing up yelling, “Go Nicole!” When that music came on I had an adrenaline rush. I forgot all about the hundreds of people in the audience. Now, it was time to show the world how good I could dance.

            Still today, I love to dance. The day that my school had that recital I knew that

dancing was what I wanted to do. It is what made me happy.

            Me being in that dance recital is one of my most favorite childhood memories because that day I found out who I was. That day I knew that entertaining people was what I did best. From that day on I was, “Nicole the Best Dancer.” I stepped out of the dark and into the lime light.



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    • babblovesyou profile image

      babblovesyou 8 years ago

      i really liked your story! And i love the rush that i get when the music turns on and then when the audeince just claps at the end!