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Discworld MUD - Learning Agatean

Updated on May 1, 2008

How to learn Agatean on the Discworld MUD

I made this lens because I had a little trouble figuring out how to use the commands, and I wasted several lessons (at 8 rhinu apiece) before figuring it out.

Getting to Bes Pelargic

Do "who taxi" to see members of the Taxi guild. They can portal you to Bes Pelargic for $5 Anhk-Morpork. Be polite since you'll need their help to get back.

Either take money for the lessons you need, or have enough unarmed to be able to kill things with money (beggars, traders, pickpockets).

Get the map from Kefka's site.

Getting and Using a Dictionary

go to the language institute. There is a clock inside the entrance. You can "look clock" to see the time. This is relevant because classes are only taught at specific times. Discworld MUD time advances at about four times the rate of the real world, so you may need to wait a bit.

You'll need Agatean money (rhinu) for buying a dictionary from the shop on the second floor (it's to the south of the stairs). Do "list" then "browse A", "browse B", etc. until you find a dictionary in a language you know. "Buy C" or whatever dictionary is right for you.

You can "turn to page 1 of dictionary" and "read dictionary". It may be helpful to copy this to a file so you can refer to it more easily.

Taking (and Passing) the Test

There are 3 lessons, all of which you must pass.

You must "enroll" in the class to take it. The teacher will refer you to a sign if the time of day isn't right. If you're there at the right time for the class you need, they'll take 8 rhinu and start the lesson immediately.

For the first lesson, you'll need to repeat back what they say exactly. If they say repeat "blah blah blah", type "say blah blah blah" - be prepared to mess this up. I also had a problem because of the size of my terminal at first with line breaks. Try adjusting the size of your terminal so everything the teacher says is on one line.

For the second lesson, you'll need to identify words. Look them up in the dictionary, then do "say Kirizo" or whatever the word is.

For the third lesson, you'll get a written test. You'll need to enroll, then "begin exam" to start, then "choose A" if the answer is A, "choose B" if the answer is B, and so on.

Once you pass all three tests, you'll know just enough agatean to start learning more...

Training Agatean further

You can't learn Agatean at your guild or using the teach/learn commands. Your skills will only advance as you use it. Basically, if you're around people speaking Agatean, you have a small chance each time you hear it to TM (advance) the other.language.agatean.spoken skill. Likewise, every time you read a sign or book in Agatean, you have a small chance to advance the other.language.agatean.written skill.

If you know someone with a skill within 10 levels of yours, the two of you can talk, and every time you talk, you'll have a chance to advance.

To change to speaking Agatean, do "speak agatean".

Good luck and have fun!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      You can get lessons from the Agatean embassy in A-M, they're solely of the copy & paste variety and will get you up to 25 in written and spoken (i.e. enough to understand next to nothing).

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I would like to emphasize the fact that if teaches says that you were almost correct you have probably written something badly or it is not on just one line. Find that mistake or adjust your terminal.