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Disney Acting Auditions and Casting Calls

Updated on June 19, 2011

Being hired as an actor/actress in a Disney TV show or movie is a dream for many people. Many young actors and actresses have made that dream a reality and have become huge Disney stars. Finding auditions for Disney TV shows may not be as difficult as you think.  Disney is constantly casting for positions on their TV network, movies, and theme parks.  As you go through the process of attending Disney acting auditions always stay focused and don't allow your self to become overwhelmed by the process.

The steps below will provide you with the proper information to get started infinding Disney acting auditions.

First Thing Is First

Be sure that you have mastered and practiced your acting skills before attending an audition. Gain constructive criticism and feedback from your family and friends to further improve and your talent. Also consider looking up or purchasing an acting guide. Such a guide will you give you tips and tricks to master your acting abilities and impress the casting directors at your audition.

Gather Required Items

Before you attempt to find an audition, you will need to gather together a few key items. You will need an up to date head shot as well as your acting resume(if you have previous acting experience). If you do not yet have a head shot, have one taken with a local photographer.

Look Online

Access your web browser and conduct a search for Disney auditions. The absolute best place to start for this is on the Disney casting website, "". This website gives you the opportunity to search for Disney auditions for a variety of different shows and gigs. Be sure to check the website often for updated open auditions.

Consider Hiring An Agent

Hiring an agent is a great way to get an audition lined up. Although it may cost money and might be a little hard to obtain, an agent will help you find Disney auditions as well as various auditions for similar roles. Hiring an agent is also a great way to get advice and obtain a better understanding about the entertainment industry

Online Ads

Go online and search a website such as for Disney auditions in the jobs or gigs section. Such classified websites are particularly useful if you live in an area such as Los Angeles.

Always beware of ads promising auditions but require a fee. A legitimate audition will never cost you a dime.

Try A Casting Agency

Consider going through a casting agency to find a Disney audition. Major casting agencies such as "Central Casting" located out of Los Angeles, cast actors and actresses for Disney and other networks.

Avoid falling victim to casting agency scams. Using a reputable agency will help avoid losing money to scam agencies. Before you sign up with such an agency conduct online research to be sure that they are legit.


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