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Disney Characters

Updated on February 2, 2012

The Walt Disney Company has released a significant number of animated movies and cartoons, and it is constantly releasing new ones. With a unique aim to provide entertainment for the whole family, the number of Disney Characters that have been created over the years is very large, and every one of these characters is special in its own way. Some of the Disney characters are famous for being witty, some of them are sarcastic, while others are clumsy, honest, timid, gullible and so on. Each Disney fan tends to like the character which is the most similar to them, as this way they can easily relate to the character they choose.

Disney Characters – the Good Ones and the Bad Ones

As in almost any other movie or fairy tale, in all Disney movies the good always wins. Therefore, there are two main categories into which all the characters can be classified– the good ones and the bad ones. The main characters are always good, and the majority of the Disney fans are on their side. The good Disney characters possess beauty and wisdom- they are generous and unspoiled by the evil of the world.

On the other hand, a certain number of Disney fans prefer the bad characters, as they can be very funny and the fans sometimes even feel sorry for them. In some cases, the baddies repent in the end and they become good. Some of the most famous Disney villains are Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Jafar from Aladdin, Cruela de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, Captain Hook from Peter Pan and Scar in the Lion King.

Besides the classification based on moral values, Disney characters can also be classified into two other types:

  • Disney princesses – these Disney characters are all beautiful, young women who become princesses either by marrying a prince, or by being born into royalty. All of them have high moral values and they dream about finding their true love. There is always an obstacle which they successfully overcome in the end. The most famous princesses are Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Snow White from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Disney animal characters – the animal characters created by the Walt Disney Company can be divided into classic and other characters. The most popular older animal character is Mickey Mouse, who is the mascot of the company at the same time. Another animal character that millions of people are fond of is Donald Duck. Things never seem to go his way and it makes him very angry in a funny way, which Disney fans find very amusing. Other older animal characters include Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto. The other animal characters, mostly featured in full length animated movies, are also very popular amongst children and people of all ages. They include characters such as Nemo, Robin Hood, Bambi, Dumbo, Lady and many others.

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Regardless of the type of the Disney character, they are all equally loved by people all over the world. They make the youngest ones smile, and the older ones think a little about their attitude towards others and their moral values.


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