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Disney Movie Cliches

Updated on September 21, 2017

Disney is one of the most acclaimed creators of movies in the world, from The Little Mermaid to the newest Moana Disney has been popping out movies left and write so there of course will be some cliches here and there. Here are some to read for your entertainment.

So Many Songs: Disney movies tend to have two things, a princess and alot of singing. So much singing in fact goes on in these movies that several have become synonymous with music. "Let It Go" is one of the few songs in Frozen but has almost become iconic, you cannot listen to this song without thinking about Frozen. Four songs are sang in the movie Tangled which adds up to around fourteen minutes of total songs sang, minus the continuation of the song later on in the movie. Wiki describes Tangled as a animated musical so perhaps all Disney movies are like that, would explain the singing happy characters of the world.

Keep Your Enemies Close: What is a movie without an awesome villain? Boring. Disney has created many well known enemies of cinema such as Ursula the Sea-Witch from the Little Mermaid, Jafar from Aladdin and Hades God of the Dead from Hercules. Some villains tend to stay a little too close for comfort. Scar the main protagonist from The Lion King is the younger brother of the mighty king Mufasa, Yzma was the emperor's adviser from The Emperor's New Groove. Many villains have a thing where they might come from family or be close to a certain figure of the main story. In Tangled the enemy was Mother Gothel, in The Little Mermaid the enemy was Ursula someone who was once close to the king, now not all enemies fall under this kind of category but there are enough to kind of show this.

Underdog Wins: The underdog somehow managing to win has always been a thing, it is a kind of story that says you can do anything you put your mind to. But at times it doesn't make alot of sense. In Sleeping Beauty the prince goes one on one with the powerful Maleficent, she even turns into a freaking dragon, right before the prince was to lose the fairies enchant his blade so it will kill the evildoer, you would think if they could have done something like that they would have done it sooner. Ursula gains the power to control all oceans but gets beaten by a ship, Jafar had the power of a genie but was beaten by a street rat, even the great Horned King from the Black Cauldron was defeated by by a few folks and he had a undead army. It is a little strange but I guess the fans love it.

The Princess Parlor: Ariel, Anna, Kida, so many more princesses. Even in movies such as Brave, Lady and the Tramp people are still trying to say even that those who aren't labeled as princesses are princesses, meaning there is a girl for everyone. Moana who is said to be the villages next chief in the movie is even said to be a princess, so basically any girl who is a main character in a Disney is said to be a princess. Kinda weird.

Pets A'Plenty: Pets or some kind of friend have been a staple in many Disney movies, hell even Mickey Mouse has Pluto. Sometimes they are there to help keep the character company such as the chameleon from Tangled and sometimes they are just there to be weird like that mentally deranged chicken from Moana. Ariel has Flounder, Taran has Gurgi, Mogli has the big bear, Peter Pan has Tinkerbell, Cinderella has the mice and even Alice has that weird disappearing cat. They are in many movies, heck even Kronk has the talking squirrel, the pets have been a big thing in many movies and while they may not be as important as the songs the pets are still freakin' important.

Magical Items: The Trident, the weird Voodoo item, the Black Cauldron, Yzma's magical potions, Tinkerbell's fairy dust, the Queens magical ice powers. Okay so the last one isn't an item but it is still magical. The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella has some magical stuff, there are quite alot of things in the Disney world that can be considered magical much like the magical spinning wheel from Sleeping Beauty. Since Disney prides itself on magic and believing in miracles it isn't hard to see why there would be alot of magical crud in the world.

You Want A True Loves Kiss?: True Loves Kiss has been kind of a running joke to me honestly, the fact that so many of the princesses are saved or something by true loves kiss yet barely know the guy is a little dumb. Snow White gets saved by true loves first kiss when she eats a poisoned apple, don't know how a kiss gets rid of the poison but alright. Sleeping Beauty awakens after getting kissed, it is just really weird how things like that work. They say True Loves Kiss can heal any wound, what about healing decapitation? I think not.

Dresses: I know the first thing you might come up with when you think of a princess is a tiara or maybe a dress, but come on. Moana wears a kind of dress, Ariel does when she grows legs, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel, Tiana, Kida, everyone gets a freaking dress. Even the girl from Brave has to wear one, you know the girl who is more of a boy then most of the boys in the movie? Jane even wears a dress and she is taking a stroll through the freaking jungle. Perhaps it is just me but I think at times a dress isn't very necessary for a princess to always be wearing, especially if they are in the jungle or forest or someplace a nice dress that the princess would wear would get dirty.

Strong And Strapping Young Men: Gaston, Tarzan, other men that we find in Disney movies are usually covered in muscle and good looks. Even Aladdin a guy who is supposed to be living on the street and barely being able to eat still has quite a good figure, it is strange. Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke from Atlantis the Lost Empire even has a Olympian type body and he's close to his sixties or seventies. Some folks claim the princesses show a bad thing, that the little girls who watch the movies have to conform to that kind of figure, what about the boys? Do we all have to look like super sized soldiers?


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