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Disney Princess Party Ideas - Where to Find Disney Princess Party Supplies, Cakes, Décor and Party Ideas

Updated on September 1, 2011

The Disney Princess Party theme is by far one of the most popular birthday themes and for good reason! It would be hard to find any young girl who doesn't love these beautiful characters (many adults as well for that matter).

The best part of this awesome birthday theme is that there are so many options you can choose from in terms of d├ęcor, invitations, party games, and favors that will help you make your little girl's birthday very special and a day she will never forget.

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Decorations

Luckily because Disney Princess Parties are so popular, there is no shortage of decorations that you can find to make your little one's party magical.

Items to include on your list would be:

  • Disney Princess Party Plates
  • Disney Princess Party Cups
  • Disney Princess Party Napkins
  • Disney Princess Party Tablecloth
  • Disney Princess Party Centerpiece
  • Disney Princess Party Pinata
  • Disney Princess Party Confetti
  • Streamers in matching colors such as lavender, pink and white
  • Disney Princess Balloons or regular balloons in Princess Colors such as lavender, pink and white

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Games

There are many different games you can play around the Disney Princess theme as well. Quite a few are simply old classics with a new twist. Such as:

Pin the Crown on The Disney Princess

Just like Pin The Tail on The Donkey, but with a beautiful twist! Simply give each party guest a number, have them put on the delicate purple mask and however gets the crown closest to the Princesses' head is the winner.

Make Your Own Wand

Disney Princess Party guests will have so much fun creating their own wand and it makes for a perfect party favor for them to take home with them.

You can choose wands made of foam (better for younger guests) or wood wands. Both kits are reasonably priced and has the benefit of keeping guests occupied for a happy while. You might even decide to award a prize for the most creative wand. If you want to add a touch of Disney, you can also purchase little Disney Princess stickers for them to use.

Play Disney Princess Musical Carpets

You can play this game just like Musical Chairs. Place a bunch of carpets in a row with one less carpet than the amount of guests. Play music from the Disney Princess movies and have the guests walk in a large circle around the carpets. When the music stops, have each run to stand on a carpet (tell them they must have both feet on carpet for it to count). The last guest standing wins a prize.

Play Pass The Disney Princess

This too can be played with Disney music. Simply take a princess doll or a wand and use it as you would in the Hot Potato game. The person who is holding the doll or wand when the music stops is out. The last guest remaining wins a prize.

Create a Disney Princess Scavenger Hunt

Another fun idea is to purchase a couple of Princess Dress up kits and have your childs guests running around to find the items on the list. Hide items around the room (be sure you have enough for each guest) For example your list might read:

  • Find a Tiara
  • A magic wand
  • A jeweled ring
  • A feather boa
  • A Princess necklace, etc.

Give a special prize to the guest who finds all of her items on the list first. The extra bonus would be that each guest gets to keep the items they found which would make for the perfect Disney Princess Party Favors.

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Invitations

There is no better way to get guests excited about a Disney Princess Birthday Party than by starting with Disney Princess invitations.

You can choose between pre-printed invitations or, if you really want to be creative, make your own on your home computer.

For example:

"Hear ye! Hear ye!" Princess (place childs first name here) of the House of (Childs last name here) requests the honor of your presence in the celebration of her majesties sixth birthday! Join us for a magical Royal Celebration! Then follow up with the place, time and RSVP information.

You can also ask that guests dress up in their favorite princess gown to really get them in the spirit before the party even begins!

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Party Cakes

End your party with a royal bang by serving a Disney Princess Birthday Cake. Again, there are many different options to choose from.

You can keep it simple by baking or buying a regular cake and adding a Disney Princess cake topper, or you can even make individual cupcakes and insert Disney Cupcake Picks.

If you would like to get a little more creative, you can also purchase a Disney Princess Castle Signature Cake Kit. This kit comes with just about everything you need to make your own princess cake including: (6) Plastic Disney Princess Dolls - (4) Pink Plastic Turret Towers and Tower Tops and Bottoms (1) Castle Door and (1) Plastic pink frame to insert your little Princess's picture in.

All you need to do is supply your favorite cake mix and you are good to go! This can also be a fun thing to do together with the birthday girl in anticipation of her party!

Disney Princess Party Ideas - Favors

End your awesome party with some great Disney Princess favors that your guests can enjoy when they go home.

Some ideas for favors would be:

  • Disney Princess Stickers
  • Blow Up Wands
  • Disney Fairy Bubble Wands
  • Disney Princess Costume Jewelry
  • Disney Princess Pencils, Crayons, Coloring Books or Art Sets
  • Disney Princess Watches
  • Disney Princess Punchball
  • Disney Princess Wish Pillow
  • Disney Princess Address Book
  • Disney Princess Tatoos


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