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Disney World Epcot Attractions and Rides

Updated on December 2, 2011

Epcot Center Attractions

Walt Disney Epcot Center attractions include many rides and pavilions. Disney Would Epcot Center attractions include some of the more laid back rides of the Disney experience. Epcot Center pavilions contain attractions to feed the mind and build or imagination. Any trip to Disney World is not complete without a trip to Walt Disney World Epcot Center rides and pavilions.

Epcot Center Rides

Mission: Space is a full motion simulator Disney World Epcot attractions and ride ride. The rider will experience the thrills of what an astronaut would feel during their journey to Mars. From the high gravity sensations of lift off to the dream state of hypersleep, this ride is a must for dreamers and thrill seekers alike. Mission: Space was built on the old Horizons ride site and made its opening to the public in June 2003.

Test Track is an Disney World Epcot attractions and ride showcasing the testing procedures that General Motors uses to test out its new cars. The ride finishes with a high speed run around the outside of the ride. Test Track is very interesting to those who are curious about the testing of new cars. This ride opened in March of 1999 and replaced the old ride, World of Motion.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a laid back, go with the flow, Disney World Epcot attractions and ride. The riders climb into a see shell shaped buggy that takes them a journey through a large aquarium. Nemo and Crush provide commentary as the rider makes their way through this attraction. Crush puts on a great show with his awesome tide surfing skills. After the ride is complete, the riders can visit the The Living Seas aquarium and its gift shop.

Space Ship Earth is the iconic ball that is the focal point for Disney World Epcot attractions. Housed inside, Space Ship Earth takes rides on a journey through the advancement of human communication. It is a nice easy going Epcot Center ride that will give you feet a rest and fill your brain with knowledge.

Epcot Center Pavilions

The Land is a Disney World Epcot attractions and pavilion. In The Land, Disney does horticulture research on a variety of plants in an old farm house atmosphere. Guests can visit Sunshine Season, a food court at Epcot Center.

Imagination! Is a Disney World Epcot attractions and pavilion. The Imagination! Pavilion has been around since 1982 and has undergone many changes and facelifts since then. Imagination! Pavilion hosts the ride Journey into Imagination with Figment, a slow moving ride great for young children and tired adults. The Famous attraction Caption EO, a Michael Jackson themed ride has been brought back. Also in the Imagination! Pavilion is Image Works an interactive exhibit much like the interactive exhibits at a science museum.

Innovations Epcot Center pavilions allows guests to see Virtual Reality displays. Innovations focus on showing guests the many technological innovations that we have developed. This is a unique Disney World Epcot attraction.

Universe of Energy Disney World Epcot attractions and pavilion has one attraction; Ellens Energy Adventure. This attraction stars Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy. This Epcot Center attraction is complete with robotic dinosaurs and 80,000 photovoltaic or solar cells.

Visit Walt Disney Epcot Center

Not only do Walt Disney World Epcot attractions include these rides and pavilions, Epcot Center provides the chance for hours of shopping! Guests can buy merchandise from the far corners of the globe and sample the food and drinks far away countries have to offer. The shopping a food will have to wait for another hub. If you consider a trip to Disney World, take the time to visit Disney World Epcot attractions and rides. By far, Epcot Center is my favorite of the Disney parks.

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Disney World Epcot Attractions Guides


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    • simon64 profile image

      simon64 6 years ago from UK

      My wife, daughter and I visited Orlando just prior to Christmas 2011. Epcot was our favourite theme park, as we visited it three times.

      My daughter who was only 4 at the time loved Spaceship Earth, we must have gone on it about 12 times, as the queue was often short. Another ride we enjoyed was 'Soarin', the only drawback with this ride is that we had to queue for nearly three hours.

      As you say any visit to the Disney theme parks is not complete without a visit to the Epcot Center.