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Real life Disney princesses, as portrayed by glamour photography master Ryan Astamendi. Photo Gallery.

Updated on February 28, 2012

Aurora, Jasmine, Snow White, Pocahontas, Belle, Rapunzel and names of other beautiful animated fairy princesses in Disney movies are dear and familiar to many. Ryan Astamendi, photographer and artist based in Los Angeles, is more known for his erotic glamour images. But this time, he wanted to bring familiar images from animated movies Walt Disney's princesses into real life. He found cute models who looked similar to Disney beauties. With lots of make-up, beautiful glamour costumes and just the right soft photography lighting, Astamendi created almost exact fairy tale look-alikes. After the finishing touches in Photoshop, girls looked as they just stepped out from the movie screen.

Check Ryan Astamendi's fairy princess pictures below!

Snow White








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    • rockdresses profile image

      rockdresses 5 years ago from Turkey

      Creative theme!

    • profile image

      Brianna Stuart 5 years ago

      These photos are amazing :) I enjoyed this hub, voted up!