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'Frozen' The Star Power Behind Disney's Oscar Worthy Animated Movies & Songs (Lavie's Picks)

Updated on February 3, 2015

Disney's 'Frozen' Anna & Elsa. The Star Power Behind The Oscar Worthy Animated Movie.

Photo of Disney's Frozen Anna & Elsa
Photo of Disney's Frozen Anna & Elsa | Source


The Star Power Surrounding Disney's 'Frozen'

'Frozen', is another blockbuster hit for Disney. Taking home two Oscars at the 86th Academy Awards. One for best original song 'Let it Go' and the other for Best Animated Feature.

The star power which helped bring the movie 'Frozen' to life is one of Disney's key resources to producing award winning animated films and songs. Oscar Winning Disney Films Such As Aladdin, and Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King, just to name a few. Now many Disney fans can add the movie Frozen, to their list. This article is about Disney's Classic new hit, "Frozen"

Indina Menzel

A photo of Indina Menzel 'Frozen' singing  Elisa's  'Let It Go'
A photo of Indina Menzel 'Frozen' singing Elisa's 'Let It Go' | Source

The Star Power Writers Behind The Movie, 'Frozen'

Disney knows how to produce classic music. Disney's creativity surrounding powerful soundtracks has launched the Oscar worthy original song, 'Let It Go' preformed by Indina Menzel-voiced as the character Elsa.

Another star power quality that Disney incorporates in their high quality animated movies is creative writers. Based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen, Disney reconstructed the story line. The screenplay written by Jennifer Lee sparked the story

Elsa, the princess of Arendelle, has special powers. Elsa accidentally injures her sister Anna while playing. The severe injury leads the king and queen to look for help from the troll people who end up healing Anna and removing her memories of her sister’s powers in the process. In order to keep society from finding out about Elsa’s powers the King and Queen lock their family away in their castle. The King and Queen plans to hide the two sisters away from one another in order for safety reasons, ends up tearing the sisters apart. After their parents die in due to a storm the sisters are still distant.

Years later, Elsa prepares for her royal ceremony. One of the guests is the Duke of Weselton, a materialistic man who desires to profit off of Arendelle. As Anna is observing the town excited that people will be able to visit the castle, she meets Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, the two quickly take a liking to one another. Once Elsa’s royal ceremony is completed the two sisters bond again at the reception. During the reception, Hans ask Anna to marry him, and Anna, quickly accepts. Elsa, does not give the couple her blessing which cause a rift between the two sisters, in which Elsa’s powers are exposed in front of her guest, Elsa flees. Unintentionally Elsa releases an undying winter which burdens the entire kingdom.

Elsa moves far from Arendelle, where she builds herself an ice palace it is here that she unknowingly brings to life her Olaf, a childhood snowman belonging to her and Anna.

The movie ‘Frozen’ captures the true meaning behind a loving bond of sisterhood. The two sisters are left to discover the true meaning of love. In the end both Elsa and Anna discover that in order to maintain the value sisterhood the action of sacrifice must test boundaries of genuine affection.

My daughter Lavie ran out and purchased the movie as soon as it came out. It is a wonderful story. And women of all ages can related to this heartwarming story if they are close their sister. The music is uplifting and powerful. This is a great addition to our Disney Library.

This Is Now A Movie Classic In Our Household

Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel

The Trailer 'Frozen'

Disney has produced Oscar Winning Songs.

What is Your Favorite Walt Disney Animated Song?

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Disney Has An Array Of Oscar Winning Movies.

What is Your Favorite Oscar Winning Disney Movie?

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Disney's Animated Movie Launches An Array Of Products.

Disney Animated Movie Launches an array of products that are flying off the shelf. From dolls, books and video games. Disney's star power ability to create movies that produce classical characters geared towards all ages male and female is a marketers dream.

Great concepts such as the read along book for kids and the frozen toy box set for older kids who enjoy video games can indulge in the following.

Disney Infinity Play Set Pack-Frozen Toy Box Set.

  • Frozen Toy Box Set includes Disney INFINITY figures for characters Anna and Elsa and Frozen Power Discs
  • kids have the ability to discover a whole new way to play with Disney characters on their Nintendo Wii, Wii U, 3DS, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3
  • It's simple just place your INFINITY figures onto the base to launch yourself to the worlds of your favorite Disney movies ( The base is not included)
  • Disney fans can Star in an original Disney adventure, in which you'll battle enemies, solve puzzles, conquer obstacles and complete a variety of other exciting quests
  • Mix and match unique combinations of characters, buildings, weapons, gadgets and more in the virtual Toy Box to build an entire new game world of your own imagination

Elsa & Anna - Disney Infinity Frozen Toy Box Set w/ Dad & Sons

My Daughter Loves The Disney Infinity-Frozen Toy Box Set

We ordered the Disney Infinity-Frozen Toy Box Set On Amazon, and it was well worth the purchase. My daughter enjoys playing the game and she likes the creative style of the characters.

Disney Infinity-Frozen Toy Box Set

For The Artist In You Disney Has Launched Coloring Pages.

One of the key strengths behind Disney's Award Winning Movies is the artist behind Disney's animated talent. Walt Disney Feature Animation, Walt Disney Productions and Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio), is an American animation studio which creates Disney's creative animated feature films.

Many young artist with dreams of working for Disney's animated studio may want to start off with coloring pages. And Disney has that covered as well. Offering coloring pages of your favorite Disney movies.

'Frozen' Coloring Pages Anna And Elsa.

A coloring sheet of Anna And Elsa Walking through the land.
A coloring sheet of Anna And Elsa Walking through the land. | Source

Elsa Coloring Page.

A coloring page of Elsa singing the hit song, "Let It Go."
A coloring page of Elsa singing the hit song, "Let It Go." | Source

Anna Coloring Page

A Coloring page of Ana taking a stroll through the town.
A Coloring page of Ana taking a stroll through the town. | Source

Olaf The Snowman.

A coloring page of the snowman named Olaf enjoying summer, without melting away.
A coloring page of the snowman named Olaf enjoying summer, without melting away. | Source

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