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Disney's Villains: Women Edition

Updated on June 10, 2015
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I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I've been a Goth since age fourteen, and a Pagan since age fifteen.

Female Disney villains are older, single, self-absorbed, have a dramatic appearance, and evil. The subliminal message is that females should marry a prince while they're still young or they will wind up alone and miserable. The more perky your attitude and the less self-esteem you have the more likely you are to find a man that can give you a perfect ending to your life story. After all, being self-reliant makes you evil, and unloveable. This will lead you to obsess over younger women until you're able to satisfy your evil needs by attempting to ruin their lives.


Sleeping Beauty

  • Single
  • Older
  • Powerful status
  • Dramatic makeup
  • Dark wardrobe
  • Dark hair
  • Jealous
  • Evil

"The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But... before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger, on the spindle of a spinning wheel - AND DIE!"

- Maleficent

Snow White eats the poisoned apple


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Single
  • Older
  • Powerful status
  • Dramatic makeup
  • Intimidating appearance
  • Jealous
  • Evil

"She is my undoing? I should have killed her when she was a child!"

- Queen Ravenna

Lady Tremaine


  • Widowed
  • Older
  • Sharp facial-features
  • Assertive
  • Controlling
  • Jealous
  • Evil

"It means power, riches, revenge."

- Lady Tremaine


The Little Mermaid

  • Single
  • Older
  • Dramatic makeup
  • Dark wardrobe
  • Controlling
  • Manipulative
  • Jealous
  • Evil

"Soon I'll have that little mermaid / And the ocean will be mine."

- Ursula

Cruella De Vil

101 Dalmatians

  • Single
  • Older
  • Dramatic makeup
  • Controlling
  • Thief
  • Jealous
  • Evil

"Alonso, we're going to make them pay."

- Cruella De Vil

Who is your favorite female Disney villain?

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"Maleficent" (The Movie)

Released on May 28th was Disney's latest villain movie Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. This film gives Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent fans an opportunity to see the story told from the villain's point of view. It allows the audience to find out what made Maleficent become so evil. It also gives Maleficent more depth as a character.

Disney's Maleficent - Trailer

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