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Electronic Dance Music

Updated on August 24, 2016

The electronic music scene has become a new trend in popular music culture today. A lot of people are becoming familiar with this genre of music which originates from Europe. Many clubs in America have adopted this sound of high pulsating energetic vibrations that seem to entertain even a person who is not a fan of this music. The radio stations in America have also seemed to be adding some of the biggest music from the European electronic music scene to their charts, but this is actually not new at all. What we are beginning to see is a cycle, or should i say a re cycle of the early or mid 90's of electronic music.

Techno music is actually the great grandmother to all of the electronic dance music we are hearing now. At one point techno music took over the dance floor of some of the biggest popular clubs in America. Artist like Crystal Waters, Technotronic and more had some of the biggest songs on the pop charts.

During the 2000s Hip hop music was high in demand. People were crazy about artist like Ja-rule, 50 cent and Jay-z. Even R&B music has gone underground and was one time apart of the top charting musical genres in America, but as of recent people have been listening with open ears to the sound of electro house, dub step, trance, big beat, free bass, deep house and other sub genres of this hot trending genre of music. Hip hop/R&B still has a strong fan base, but electronic music seems to have the commercial edge at this point.

Electronic music has become the pinnacle of popular music and continues to grow. A lot of the top 40 music we are hearing from artist such as Brittney Spears, Pit Bull, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande have elements of electronic dance music. With this beginning to happen i for one can tell you that will only make this cycle reach a peak instantly.

Lets look beyond the top 40 pop spectrum and dive into the real movers and shakers of electronic music. Tiesto, Afro Jack, Major Lazer, Zed, Avicii, Martin Garrik, Swedish House Mafia and Steve Aoki are just some of the top electronic music artist on the market. Dj MicMac is also a name that is buzzing all over social media. He has a pretty descent trap remix featuring Samantha J who is officially signed to Colombia records. These are just some of the top artist building a name with in the electronic entertainment business and they are setting the standard for awesome electronic music.

The Ultra Music Festival in miami is the biggest live electronic music show in north America. The show is very entertaining, at times things can get a little out of hand though. The age group that attends Ultra is between 18 to 40 and are true fans of electronic dance music. Ultra is held every year in Miami Florida, and tickets are priced at 300 to 500 dollars.

Ultra Music Festival 2014


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