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Celebrities Are Not That Important and We Don't Have to Listen to What They Say

Updated on June 3, 2020
As most celebrities are narcissists, I will not be posting any face here.
As most celebrities are narcissists, I will not be posting any face here.

The Voice of The Celebrity

Celebrities - they are everywhere. Even if you don't watch their movies, or listen to their music, they are always in the news because they went to the store on Wednesday instead of Saturday, overdosed, got another D.U.I., or cheated on their latest significant other. As a matter of fact, they are shoved down our throats whether we want to know them or not!

These celebrities are always using the media to get the thing that they want.




So they can get money so they can get fame which is really more attention.

They act indecently, immorally, and irreverently, and then tell the public that other people's actions are indecent, immoral and irreverent and the citizens should NOT STAND FOR IT!

The media houses splash the headlines and dutifully publish every last word they say as though their opinions are more important than the average Joe's.

Actually, the way they spin it seems as though the average Joe can't think for himself and needs someone to tell him how to think and they are just the qualified ones to do it. Just how they are qualified is irrelevant. The fact is they have to use their 'influence' and 'platform' for 'good' and 'change'.

If the average Joe dares to have a difference of opinion, these celebrities, who adamantly condemn bullying, then proceed to 'clap back' and shame that person who disagreed with them, sometimes setting their 'followers' on them.

I have heard many 'stars' say that because they have so many fans they have to be honest and have integrity. They have to stand up for their beliefs and speak 'their truth' because of the young generation. I have heard them say that they are not role models ; they just want to be themselves and teach others to be themselves. They also produce movies filled with filth and music laced with vulgarities for that same young generation and then go on and make speeches for world peace and ending violence against women.

What about racism? They wax poetic about that too and then litter the 'n' word in every song.

To me, at least, the voice of the celebrity rings with hypocrisy, deception, and foolishness.

Does the opinion of a celebrity matter very much to you?

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Likes and UpVotes mean they are right

I've noticed when I read articles about the things the 'great ones' say they always say how many millions of people liked their tweets or favourited their Instagram etc. as a way of convincing me, the reader, that their opinions then, must not only hold water but must be right as well. After all, ten million Frenchmen can't be wrong!

What these articles fail to say, however, is how many millions more, rolled their eyes when they saw yet another pitiful plea for attention and closed the post with disgust. I, myself, never imagined that there were so many people who do not and will not listen to the voice of the celebrity.

It seems, though that there are many of us as seen in the comments that are posted on countless articles about these 'musicians' and 'actors' that state just how sick people are of them and their words of 'wisdom'.

Of course, the commenters are 'trolls' because any opinion that differs from theirs is a form of bullying and there are those who are just malicious and don't care about the well being and state of the world!


When you take private jets everywhere you go and tell the average Joe that he is not doing his best to save the environment, that will make people angry.

When you are in South Africa among deprived children and say that no one has asked if you are 'OK', that will make people angry.

When you talk about global warming, tell people about the coastline disappearing and then buy a multi-million dollar mansion on said coastline, that will make people angry.

When you demand that government leaders do as you say and fire whom you want to fire, that will make people angry.

When you tell a state that you will punish them because a bill was voted in that you don't like, that will make people angry.

Why? Because why does your voice count more than the average Joe's? What great contribution to society have you made?

Is entertainment the core of society or can we survive without the manufactured drivel that is mainstream music and the C.G.I. and basic script that is now in every movie made?

They are passionate and sincere!

But they have a cause that they are passionate about and they are so sincere!

They say inflammatory things behind their 20 foot tall gated community and talk about minimal living while they buy only brand names.

They show themselves in quarantine and emphasize that staying home will save lives and you will be happy there, never thinking about the people trapped with a violent abuser, the families who live from paycheck to paycheck and are starving or the people who suffer from depression due to financial troubles and may commit suicide because of this.

They go on and on about giving to people and they organize shows where they perform so that the AVERAGE JOE can donate money to their cause when all they had to do was pool together their own money and not take from the common man who has so little but worked hard for it.

They tell everyone how natural they are, then take a photo in a piece of floss, fully photo-shopped and tell young girls - I woke up like this but they are passionate about young girls knowing their WORTH.

Every time something big happens they have to weigh in on the matter and tweet about it because everybody was just sitting at the edge of the seat wondering, 'What will ______ say?' and just in case people avoid Twitter like the plague, it is plastered everywhere so that the person who is searching for real news about real issues and how the average citizen is dealing with it instead sees the very important comment that A-lister, B-lister, or Z-lister has to say about it.

Real stories about real people

The media is all part of this and I have begun to think that the mainstream media is on some sort of payroll and we, the public, can never know the truth because it has been so censored.

I am not sure how many people believe this but I have come to take everything I read and see with a tablespoon of salt and I wonder, almost all the time, is this the truth or just the truth that they want us to know? If anybody questions the media's narrative they are conspiracy theorists and a bit mad. They are also unstable.

For me, the integrity of the media, is non-existent and I prefer to read what real people say and hear real life stories. Unfortunately, there aren't many outlets available where that exists anymore. Perhaps,one day, the average Joe will rise up and finally take the voice that the celebrities stole and many voices without agenda will be heard once more.

© 2020 North Wind


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