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Do Romance Movies Do More Harm Than Good?

Updated on August 3, 2015

Most girls love romance movies.They love them so much they secretly wish they could have a relationship like that. While it is great to have a romance like that could romance movies actually be hindering relationships? Are romance movies really that good or are they actually causing problems?

Jen Panaro: Do you watch Romance Movies? Off The Record: Yes.

JP: What Makes you watch them? OTR: The chemistry between the couples. They're also fun to watch, a good escape.

JP: What message do you think Hollywood is portraying by making them? OTR: That these things are ideal and realistic, when often in reality they're not.

JP: Do you believe that romance movies do more harm to people than good? OTR: I think it does a bit of both.

JP: Why do you feel this way? OTR: Well becuse some people expect too much after seeing them. At the same time it's nice to watch love play out on camera. So if you don't expect the same thing to happen in real life, then it can be fine.

This was an interview with someone off the record who watches romance movies and states weather or not they do more harm then good.

Do you believe that romance movies do more harm than good?

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