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Do Spoilers Ruin A Show?

Updated on October 26, 2015

Last night, sometime around 10 pm my Facebook news feed went crazy. I thought for sure that Zac Efron had finally given in and showed his naked body. Of course it wasn't that, no, instead people were going crazy over something that happened on The Walking Dead. My friends were going crazy over one scene, one plot point, in particular. However there was more drama on Facebook than in the entire episode, because a lot of people were really angry that there were spoilers on social media.

In today's day and age, anything that happens on a TV or in a movie is likely to be posted on social media within minutes. However people went crazy, yelling at those that posted about what happened in the episode last night. Things like "Thanks, I hadn't watched it yet." to the more extreme expletive filled rants about how disrespectful it is to post about spoilers before everyone has watched the show. Long, intense arguments ensued about whether or not spoiling a show was right. Friends were being unfriended at lightning speed. Debates about spoilers have spilled from social media to real life as easily as a Walker will eat a beloved main character,

"If a friend spoils a movie or show, I won't watch it!" One of my friends declared with determination. This sentiment seemed to resonate with a lot of people on my feed. Why would a fan not want to see how the spoiler comes about? As a writer, the journey is more important than the plot point for me. Yet that theory was in the minority when it comes to TV shows like The Walking Dead and Scandal. When you look at the ratings and the amount of spoilers, there is a definite correlation between the two.

As of this writing, my friends are still yelling on Facebook about the spoilers that were posted. While in this post, I did try to avoid spoiling the show for those that haven't watched as of yet, I do think that once a show airs it is fair game. Many blogs that do recaps like TVLine will have their article up within 15 minutes of the shows end.

Do spoilers ruin shows for you?


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