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"Do Unto Udders" The 48th Episode of the Popular Cartoon Series Inspector Gadget

Updated on January 15, 2018

A Photo of the Cartoon Character Inspector Gadget


Why is Do Unto Udders a Significant Episode?

The next episode that you will be seeing a review and commentary about is the 48th episode of the Inspector Gadget cartoon series called "Do Unto Udders." This episode is one of the best of the first season and should get kids interested in it because it is about milk. Do Unto Udders is the episode after the one called The Emerald Duck. You would think that the episode's title should have been titled Do Unto Others but this is one of those unusual things in the entertainment business. What the episode gives the viewer is action, excitement, suspense, and a very funny part at the end of the episode which is still memorable many years later.

How Does the Episode Begin?

In this episode, the clueless and bumbling bionic inspector is sent on a mission to find out why the cows of Metro City have suddenly stopped producing milk. But the episode starts with Gadget having gone out shopping because he wants to buy Metro Dairy Farm products. However, he notices that there are currently no Metro Dairy Farm products so he is forced to buy dairy products which are very expensive. Gadget’s niece Penny is shocked to see those products.

Do Unto Udders: An Episode Summary

However, we are provided with a little laugh when Gadget is sent crashing through the house door and headfirst into the Gadget Mobile. He says to himself that he has to get those gadgets fixed. Gadget’s loyal dog Brain follows him while getting on a motorcycle. On the way to Metro Dairy Farm, Gadget sees that there is a man on a motorcycle following him. Gadget does not realize that this is one of the evil villain Dr. Claw’s agents that has been sent out into the field to try and eliminate him. Gadget thinks that the man is a work colleague of his that wants an autograph! Gadget tries to activate his pen but his laser gets activated instead, spraying out oil on the road. The agent slips on the oil and is sent flying over three cars before he lands down with a thud! Brain slips on the oil and falls into mud where there are pigs. Penny upon investigating discovers that there is a plot by Dr. Claw to monopolize and control the milk production of Metro City. Gadget meets a farmer who is actually an agent of Dr. Claw who tells him to go up what is called the North Fork Road. Gadget and his vehicle end up under a lake before he is chased by yet another MAD agent. Gadget is so clueless that he thinks it was supposed to rain that day! I don’t think he fully realized that he was submerged under water. Gadget is then confronted by an agent that is dressed as an old woman whose car has overheated. He tries to help him out thinking that he is an ally. One of the qualities that makes the Inspector Gadget cartoon so funny and memorable is the fact that Gadget confuses the foes of each episode for allies, thinking that these people are there to lend him a helping hand. The evil organization MAD sends out a vicious bull to try and get rid of Gadget. Even though Gadget is hit by the bull’s horns and knocked to the ground while trying to conduct an investigation, he does not get seriously hurt. Penny eventually finds a frequency disk that is on a silo that sends the signals to the other dairies in the city. Dr. Claw sees with his computer that she is trying to foil his plot and sends Agent Y to try and stop her. But it becomes too late as Penny is able to stop the frequency disk thus restoring the normal flow of milk from the cows’ bodies. The end of the episode sees MAD Cat put some kind of glue on Dr. Claw’s desk. Claw is enraged that his plans have been foiled again and slams his fist down upon the desk. Seeing that he cannot move his hand, he realizes that MAD Cat has played a trick on him. This is the funniest part of the episode and it is the most memorable for me. "Do Unto Udders" is one of the most memorable and funniest episodes of Season 1 and you will treasure it for a lifetime!

Do Unto Udders

Memorable Dr. Claw Quotes from this episode

“Well don’t just stand there fools! He’s spilling our profits. MAD Cat, what are you doing?”

“Again Gadget has foiled my plans, again! Ahhhh MAD Cat!”


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