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Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

Updated on May 2, 2012

Dirty Harry Movies

Do you feel lucky punk?

The Legendary Dirty Harry Movie Quote by Clint Eastwood

Do you feel lucky punk” is the immortal quote from the Dirty Harry movies. With it, a screen legend was born and the archetype for the Hollywood movie cop was created. Thirty years later we still adopt that raspy, menacing voice and recite the quote whenever we want to sound like a badass. However, the “Do you feel lucky punk” quote so often recited, is actually incorrect.

The real quote from 1971’s Dirty Harry is “you’ve got to ask yourself one question, 'Do I feel lucky? Well do ya... punk?" Watch the video above or read on for the full “Do you feel lucky punk” Dirty Harry quote, immortally uttered by Clint Eastwood.

Do you feel lucky punk?

Dirty Harry: Do you feel lucky punk?
Dirty Harry: Do you feel lucky punk?

The Do You Feel Lucky Punk Scene

DO YOU FEEL LUCKY PUNK? The Birth of a Hollywood Legend

The scene for the 1971 movie, Dirty Harry, has been set. We know Dirty Harry Callahan, played by movie legend Clint Eastwood, is an extremely competent San Francisco Police Department Inspector, having seen him conduct the preliminary investigations into the Scorpio murder that opened the film. We also know that he dislikes red tape and politics, and will do what he thinks is right to protect the innocent and take down the bad guys, no matter what the bureaucrats say. However, it is not until the “Do you feel lucky punk” scene that we discover what a bad ass Dirty Harry is.

While enjoying his usual meal at a diner, ‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan notices all the telltale signs of a robbery in progress. He asks the chef to call it in and he goes to work on his hotdog. As he begins eating the bank alarms goes off and he’s forced to proceed without back up, casually drawing a monster revolver as he walks outside. With his mouth still full of hotdog he calls halt as one of the bank robbers runs onto the street carrying a shot gun but the robber opens fire. With one shot, Callahan takes him out and another robber runs outside and dives in the window of the getaway car. As it speeds towards him, Harry easily takes out the driver next two shots. The car flips and the robber tries to flee, but is dispatched by Harry. Still chewing his hotdog, Harry looks down to see he has spilled ketchup on his trousers and he finally seems to show some annoyance. Walking through the destruction he has caused, Harry wanders over to the first robber he shot, and so begins the notorious “Do you feel lucky punk” scene.

Dirty Harry Movies

Dirty Harry Movies

The first Dirty Harry movie was released in 1971 and was produced and directed by Don Siegel. It was followed by four sequels over the next seventeen years. Magnum Force (1973), The Enforcer (1976), Sudden Impact (1983) and The Dead Pool (1988).

The real “Do you feel lucky punk” quote by Dirty Harry

As previously mentioned, the “Do you feel lucky punk” was not actually phrased that way. However, for brevity, while still retaining the emotion and menace of the scene it has been shortened.

The real “Do you feel lucky punk” quote went like this:

“I know what you’re thinking, ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kind of lost track myself. But being this is a forty-four Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well do ya, punk?”

However, although not the correct wording, Do you Feel Lucky Punk has still become synonymous with Dirty Harry and after thirty years later is still quoted today.

Do you Feel Lucky Punk? Comments

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    • LivioRazlo profile image

      Aaron 5 years ago

      Doesn't he say "Do you feel lucky punk" to Scorpio at the end of the first Dirty Harry movie? I can't remember since it's been a long time since I've seen it, fun article though.

    • M A Williams profile image

      Mike 5 years ago from New Hampshire

      Thanks for the vote and 'interesting' Laury! Yes, it's weird how a quote can become part of pop culture and actually be incorrect. After thirty years 'Do you Feel Lucky Punk?' is one of the best examples, but I'm sure there are others.

    • M A Williams profile image

      Mike 5 years ago from New Hampshire

      Hi DS Duby, thanks for the comment. When I was making the video I had to really stop myself watching the whole movie again. The Dirty Harry movies are a great series in my opinion. I plan on watching them all again over the next month or so.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Hey Mike,

      Great hub. It's weird how we think an actor said something when they didn't actually say that word for word. Voted up and interesting.

    • DS Duby profile image

      DS Duby 5 years ago from United States, Illinois

      Your article really brought back some classic movie nostalgia, thanks.