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Do You Honestly Think You Have What It Takes To Have A Career In Music?

Updated on February 25, 2015

Chances are you are uneducated, that won't stop you.

Chances are you can only sing or only play an instrument, that won't stop you.

Chances are you have money or friend for a recording.

This will definitely stop you

The music business needs clever people, people that can take instruction well, based on which one and how well will decide your fate.

Know this and this one thing, a singer or a solo instrumentalist is useless if all he/she can do is replicate a cover without a unique voice or adaptation, no one cares and you might get a thousand views in a decade.

Resourcefulness and being friendly may be your only raft boat.

You can sing and maybe god willing create your own harmony to a song you wrote, CONGRATS, do you have instruments to back it up cause the chances of making it a Capella are quite so literally infinitesimal.

Great, you got yourselves a dope band, maybe just a violinist that can kind of go with the song. What you need now is a decent directing producer with an eye for detail that will help you get to the next level.

Video Producer/ Director

Finally a manager then publicist to get you good enough to record your first song and make a hit before you get labeled as a wannabe which chances are you already are.

You get the chance from an Indie record label cause the chances of going to a big record company with an investment are close to impossible.

And careful little Cinderella there might be a handsome prince but chances are that you are going to be taken advantage of and stripped bare of everything good and decent you once knew just to sign a few autographs 15 minutes of fame in the national spotlight and a broken spirit to match drug addiction.

Are you willing to risk everything for "your art" cause now a days it belongs to everyone involved, your best friend might just hate you and you might end up dead or worse.

Take every step cautiously and keep your integrity, work slowly if you are serious about it, and especially do not post every single thing that you think is a decent piece of art, cause it is not, it takes allot to call something art, it will either be lost in your personal history or a memory of how you used to call things art when you reach a higher level position in the business.


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