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Do You Know the Ultimate Secret to Music Production?

Updated on October 4, 2014

Are you aware that there is a music revolution taking place?

2014 is the year of the music business revolution. Ditty has reached new milestones with Revolt TV. Dr. Dre turned the Forbes List on its back. Never in history has a hip hop artist made this level of come up. Hustle hard? Hardly, it seems like it was so easy and came from out of nowhere. Rumors of Dr. Dre becoming the world’s first Hip Hop Billionaire. He didn’t quite make a milli, but sure created buzz as he rose to become the 2nd richest hip hop millionaire. Not to mention, Ditty, with his savvy, no holds barred approach to creating value has redefined the limitations of millionaire money creation in the hip hop community.

But as the moguls are living their lives of luxury in lavish palace like residents, average artists are working hard to irrigate a path to success by cultivating their skills, planting seeds of interest, fertilizing their network, and harvesting an end product that could be profitable in the market place. For some artists, the resources needed to crop success are readily available.

But, what about the talented folks that don’t have the skills and resource to sow a successful song, album, mixtape, or video? Fighting to escape the fate of a musical peasant seems easier said than done at times. Just as a farmer can’t do any cultivating if he has no land, an artist can’t do much creating if he can’t lay down a track.

To put it in perspective, the minimum that an artist needs to record at home is a good microphone, wave recording software, and a beat or instrumental to groove to. Once the track is laid down in good quality, those files can be sent to and audio engineer to have it mixed and mastered. The end quality will depend on a lot of factors, however without the bare minimum, there is no crop; no one eats. Now days, this process can be done with little to no money.

Which piece of the music creation puzzle are you missing?

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I would always recommend much more for a good quality song. But if you have to choose between being resourceful, or never getting your skills put on wax, I would say be resourceful. If you are serious about your talent, simply finding a starting point will help propel you to the next level.

While there is no ultimate turnkey solution to becoming an accredited music artist, let me tell you about the next best thing. The internet. The ability to network, stream, bank, shop, get an education, and create the life you desire are all accessible within a few clicks of your mouse. Ultimately, for some, the internet is that turnkey solution to true music creation. This is the ultimate secret of music production.

To make it easier, and add to the music revolution of 2014, it was inevitable that an online venue for music freelancers be created. So I created it. You see, I am also an artist. In need of resources, and since creating a website proved to be so much cheaper than building a full music recording studio, I got to work as soon as the thought came to me. I created, a freelance website for talented musicians to meet and collaborate on music projects. On one hand, there is an abundance of music artists who need quality services. On the other hand, musicians, producers, engineers, DJs and the like invest so much money and time trying to piece together expensive equipment for their music making workstations with limited options on how they can get any return on their investments. It sounded like a no-brainer to me; like bring together a babysitter and a single parent who needs child care while she works.

Yes, I know they put a stop to the black mogul distribution company, and yes I know they shut down Napster, and yes I do have the audacity to spit in the face of the industry status quo by realigning the creative world of music and giving the common man a chance at creating their own music making kingdom. In my opinion, this creates the perfect storm. With Revolt TV supporting indie music creators, and Beats giving fans that quality sound no matter where they are, now gives artists and musicians a way in to that cycle.

But this is more than just a website. is a movement. Don’t wait for the next drought. Sow your seeds today and prepare to harvest your crops tomorrow. Join the movement for free. Join the website free. And for the first time, we can sit back and watch the nobleman salivate over our crops.


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