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Do not be fooled by the insurance advertising

Updated on April 9, 2016


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Do not be fooled by the insurance advertising

Most advertisements are pretty slim. They still want to buy everything they sell, but they want you to think that this is your idea of when you do it.

Most insurance ads fall into this category. It is not that they don't love you call now and switch your policies for them, they just realize that insurance is not an impulse buy.

Insurance ads have two purposes: to be memorable and confidence-building measures. Memorable part is done with interesting characters like Maxwell GEICO pigs or Beatrice from Esurance commercials. Trust part is done with characters such as Professor Nathaniel Burke of the University of farmers or even Flo from progressive.
Word games

Despite the fact that the federal truth in advertising law says that the ads should not be misleading, advertisers will push the limit of what is acceptable. It is important to understand, because the law does not protect consumers against confusion. Advertisers will use words to make that claim sound like something they are not. For example, an advertiser can say that 8 out of 10 customers think they are the best. Well, of course, what they do, that's why they're customers!

Subtle tricks like this can lead you to believe that unrelated claims also applies to the product.


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