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Do you know how to yodel?

Updated on August 5, 2016
Famous yodeler
Famous yodeler | Source


Did you ever ask yourself, how it would be if you know how to yodel. It's not many people who can yodel. As you probably know, that it's not so easy to learn to yodel, but, when you learn, you can't forget it. And I'm sure, that when you know to yodel, that you'll find yourself yodeling somewhere, where you don't even expect.

The yodeling is some kind of mixture between high and low tones. Sometimes it can be funny, but sometimes it's very interesting. And there are different ways how to yodel. Many different words are known for yodel, but all words include nouns. Example: i-ti, ou,...

Learn to yodel

If yo are learning to yodel in cowboy stile you can learn from three notes: ei - ti. And you can learn in low and high notes, because you must find where your voice breaks. It's different if you're a male or a female. Male sings with low tone and female sings with high tone. So, when you learn this tones that they soung good, than you can add word yodel. As example: yodel - ei - ti. And you must repeat those words, until they sound good.

You can also learn the yodel scale - this means that you start with low tone of yodeling, and go slowly to higher tones. And than again back from high tones, to low tones.

So, here I'll also show you the video, so you'll understand what I meen.

Yodel with Wylie Gustafson

Yodeling at karaoke's

Yodeling is very popular at karaoke's, Idol's, Talent's and even X-factor's. You probably heard about little girl who came to America's got Talent, named Taylor Ware and put the crowd on their feet with her yodeling. Well, let me tell you, when you learn to yodel, you can also try that.

And when you know the basics of yodeling, you can expand your knowledge with listening to yodelers on youtube and learn from them the different voices and tones used for yodeling.

So, this is it. Learn to yodel and you'll never stop. Yodel - ei - ti, I already know it...

Taylor Ware at America's got talent

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