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Doctor Samuel J Loomis

Updated on May 25, 2014

Dr. Samuel J. Loomis, Prominent Fictional Psychiatrist

Spoiler Warning

* Note:

In the telling of Dr. Loomis' background and of his involvement with and interactions with Michael Myers, one will find details about the sequence of events in the original Hallowe'en movie.

If you haven't seen the movie, "Halloween" yet and do not wish for the plot and story to be spoiled before you get a chance to see the movie, you'll have to exit this hub and return later.

Loomis Has To Track Myers Down

As soon as the Myers escape is realized, Dr. Loomis begins a pointed manhunt. Knowing Michael and his probable motivations well, Loomis instantly heads for Haddonfield, assuming (correctly) that Michael will return to his hometown.

Loomis stops briefly en-route to Haddonfield and notifies authorities in the local county area about the escaped psychopath and he explains that there is every reason to believe that Michael Myers will return straight to Haddonfield. Dr. Loomis urges that authorities be on the lookout for Myers.

Dr. Loomis' manhunt stretches throughout the All Saint's Day of October 31, and once he reaches Haddonfield, he does directly to Taylor, the local grave-keeper at Haddonfield Memorial Cemetery. Taylor, an elderly 60-ish fellow, and Loomis quickly learn that in the cemetery, Judith Myers' gravesite has been tampered with. Well, more than tampered with. They find that Judith Myers' body is missing from the grave. Naturally, Dr. Loomis takes this as a definite sign of Michael Myers' presence in the area.

By the afternoon, Loomis gains the attention of Haddonfield sheriff, Leigh Brackett, and convinces Brackett that Myers is more than dangerous and in the vicinity. Together, the pair make their way over to Michael's old residence at 45 Lampkin Lane. Upon inspection, Brackett and Loomis find the rotten door of the home to be broken through. Just inside the house, they find the remains of a dead, stray dog - more proof that the destructive Myers is back in Haddonfield. After this last grisly discovery, Loomis asserts to Brackett that all of Haddonfield is unsafe on this day and that Michael Myers must absolutely be apprehended as soon as possible. Loomis tells the sheriff that Myers is a human incarnation of pure evil and that Myers' purpose in Haddonfield is to kill - Michael Myers must be captured at all costs or there will be no safety at all in Haddonfield on Halloween night.

Loomis lurks about, keeping watch for Michael Myers to show himself on his old boyhood property.

Loomis Speaks on Myers

Psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis and Early Therapy With Michael Myers

Protagonist in the Hallowe'en series, Dr. Samuel J. Loomis is an Englishman, born sometime around 1910. He was sent to serve in Germany, Italy, France, and other areas of Europe during WWII from 1940-1942.

Smith Grove Sanitarium in the 1960's:

As a competent psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis is introduced to a six year old boy, Micheal Audrey Myers, in early November, 1963. The young Myers was brought to Dr. Loomis because, on the recent eve of Hallowe'en, the boy had murdered his 17-year old sister, Judith. In order to find out what factors would cause such a youngster to kill a close family member, Dr. Loomis embarks upon a 6-month therapy with the boy, including 4-hour sessions on a daily basis. When Micheal arrives at the sanitarium, he is already mostly motionless and mute, and these conditions persist throughout the initial 6 months of therapy sessions with Dr. Loomis.

By May, 1964, it is time for Dr. Loomis to meet with supervising doctors from the sanitarium. In this meeting, Loomis recommends that the young Myers be placed in a Litchfield, Illinois facility, in a maximum security ward.

The supervising doctors basically scoff at Dr. Loomis' suggestion, considering his assertations to be over-the-top when they believed Myers to be merely exhibiting quite harmless catatonia and a type of comatose behavior. Dr. Loomis tries to press forth that the boy's apparent state and behaviors are extremely brilliant maskings of his true nature, and that Michael ingeniously exhibits his blank stare, motionlessness and resists responding to his environment - all in a clever ruse to cover over his bad qualities and motivations. Loomis continues to emphatically plead for Michael to be moved to a maximum-security situation at a new location as Smith Grove's security capabilities are simply too minimal to contain the young boy.

Loomis wanted Michael Myers moved to enter a situation whereby escape would be impossible and to where nobody would ever have a chance to set him free on any legal grounds.

Still, the superior authorities resist what Dr. Loomis is saying. Furthermore, Loomis knows that no other doctor he is familiar with has the skill, expertise of insight to be able to handle this deranged and clever child. When the two other supervising doctors threaten to give the Myers boy as a client to someone else, since Loomis' suggestions seem so bizarre to them, Loomis knows no other doctor will even be safe around Michael Myers, so he agrees to stay with the boy as his doctor and continue therapy with him.

Loomis works with Michael Myers for several years, doling out expert psychiatric care and treatment. During this entire period of time, Loomis fails to find any therapy techniques that ever elicit any perceptible response out of the boy. Because therapy continually fails with Myers, as the boy grows into and through teen-hood, Dr. Loomis deems the youth to be psychopathic.

As Michael nears the brink of adulthood, he is going to be tried on his 21st birthday for the murder he committed at 6 years of age. Michael's birthday is on October 19, but his court date is extended forward to a date two weeks into the month of November...

Tribute to Dr. Samuel J. Loomis

Michael Myers Reaches Adulthood

On a cool and rainy night of October 30, 1978, transport is arranged to ship Michael Myers to stand trial in his home county. Dr. Loomis, along with his medical assistant and dear friend, Nurse Marion Chambers, is in charge of accompanying Michael Myers for his journey back to his home county. The doctor informs his nurse friend that Thorazine is to be administered to Myers just prior to his entrance into court before the judge.

When Nurse Chambers and Dr. Loomis approach the exterior gates at the sanitarium, they find patients wandering haphazardly around the site and are alarmed. Dr. Loomis leaves Nurse Chambers in the car while he dashes off toward the main gate to access the telephone and place a call to the hospital. While Loomis is outside, Myers suddenly appears near the car and Nurse Chambers narrowly avoids being attacked.

Myers skillfully escapes from under the charge of the Illinios state hospital, by hijacking the car being used to transport him. Myers has a diabolical motivation to return "home" to Haddonfield and find his last surviving sibling. Michael arrives in Haddonfield, a distance of 150 miles away from his point of escape and guess what?

Michael Myers arrives back "home" just in time for Halloween!

Number 4 of Top 10 Horror Heroes - Samuel J Loomis

Loomis Finds The Stolen Car

While waiting for Michael to materialize, Dr. Loomis snoops around. He finds the car that Myers had earlier stolen and his worries increase. Loomis begins methodically searching around town for his escaped patient, until he spots two youngsters (one of whom is little Tommy Doyle) frantically fleeing a home, each in a state of extreme fear.

He enters the home where the children have exited from and follow the noises he can hear to an upstairs area where he Michael - in the act of relentlessly attacking Laurie Strode, who is babysitting little Tommy Doyle on Halloween night. Loomis is unable to help Laurie at first, though he has a gun. He cannot get a shot off at Michael immediately, for worry of striking Laurie. She is fiesty and manages to fight back against Myers, dislodging Michael's mask for an instant. This seems to stun Michael for just long enough for Dr. Loomis to get into position...

As Michael is distracted from Laurie, and while he is reaching to readjust his mask, Dr. Loomis is able to use his handgun.

He shoots Myers

Six times!

The shots cause Michael to backpeddle and smash backwards right through the outer balcony of the two story home. He falls clear of the balcony and down to the ground below.

Loomis comforts Laurie and checks to see that she has not been critically injured, and when it is known that her physical injuries are not major, Loomis walks to the hole in the balcony that Michael's body had recently crashed through. When Dr. Loomis looks over the edge and peers down to the ground, he is horrified to find nobody below.

Michael Myers should be in pieces on the ground below after dropping from the two-story height of the balcony, but Loomis sees no trace of the psychopath.

End of the original Halloween movie...

Dr. Loomis' psychopathic client is gone.

"I failed you Michael/It's MY fault" (Dr. Loomis) 2007 Alternative Ending


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    • mythbuster profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Utopia, Oz, You Decide

      I love Dr. Loomis as a character, MrMidNight, but like many supporting characters, Dr. Loomis is mainly overshadowed by Michael and, occasionally, the Final Girl character, Laurie Strode. I felt compelled to show that Dr. Loomis' character is actually fairly complex and he's very important to the storyline.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You have me intrigued, how you efficiently told the story from your point of view, my own hub is merely opinions about the new version and old version, if your interested.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I dnt knw i really dont think its real. i mean i look it up and everything but i really dont find a true of michael myers.

    • mistyhorizon2003 profile image

      Cindy Lawson 

      9 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

      Ohhh wow, now I so need to watch it myself :)


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