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My Doctor Who Biography

Updated on September 3, 2011
Cyberman 2006 from Doctor Who
Cyberman 2006 from Doctor Who

Almost a life time of Doctor Who

In 2004 I was staying at my in laws' home for a few days. It was lovely, especially the bit where I got a lie in and my father in law got up with my two year old daughter at the crack of dawn (7am was very early for me then, stay at home mother of 1 lol). I was intrigued to how he kept her entertained until her mother arose from her nest some hours later. Who would have thought the answer would be something that would have become so much of my daughters life. Well, now I know you are kind of intrigued, right? Well the answer was Doctor Who.

As a child of the 80s I am supposed to be quite familiar with the legendary Doctor's, of course I had heard of The Doctor in some of his forms, I live in Wales, not under the proverbial rock, but I must confess I was never a fan. When I think back to the 80s I know I watched Silvestor McCoy as the Doctor but that was more that I thought the actor was cool. I remember monster's that looked a poor child's attempt at a Blue Peter craft, made of bin bags. Earth quakes or tremors that were clearly cardboard walls being wobbled and people standing on the spot swaying and of course like everything else 80s, colours that clashed. There was not much cool about Doctor Who.

So when I found out my Daughter, at the age of two, was watching the geek programe I scoffed an promised to let her watch Buffy when she was old enough, she'd soon forget The Doctor and his sidekicks. However, she didn't and decided to be quite obsessed about it. A few months later a new series began, a modern version with a bigger budget, new writer and a cool looking, leather jacket clad Christopher Eccleston taking the lead role. I was intrigued but decided I probably wouldn't watch it when I found out his sidekick would be annoying big gobbed pop sensation and headline grabbing child bride Billy Piper. Then my partner decided we were going to watch it, and record it for a our daughter to watch (then we could fast forward through the 'scary bits').

Well, now we are all fans and all hooked. It is something that we look forward to, some would say an event. My daughter has spent 7 of her nearly nine years being obsessed with Doctor Who, not just the new series but the old retro ones to. She is somewhat of an expert and very popular with all the boys in school, not sure I like that part though.

I am quite proud to say I enjoy watching Doctor Who. The script is amusing and quirky and a nice bit of mystery to work out through the series. Moffat and Davies were both writers who wrote programmes that I enjoyed growing up, such as 'Press Gang' and 'Century Falls', so maybe their writing and the writing of their co-writers is why I like the show. I have to admit that the Monsters are awesome too though. I am a mega fan of robots, so the first time I seen a Cyberman was quite cool and the whole concept behind them, kind of futuristic human downfall or how far do we go with self improvement kind of interested me too. I love the designs of the sets and the costume and make, all the arts and skills of the team is fantastic. Basically I think is what I am trying to tell you is.... My name is Lana V and I'm a geek....Praise be to the Doctor...Geronimo!


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    • Violet profile image

      Violet 6 years ago from United Kingdom, I'm British

      I bet you meet some interesting people lol. I live near to where they film the series and have been lucky enough to watch the series being filmed and see all the tourists visit our little town from all over the world because of The Doctor and his team. The new series just started here in the UK, the second episode is on tonight, so excited. I have also been watching Torchwood and love how they have intertwined the UK and US. Thank you for your comment

    • Amber Colleen profile image

      Amber Colleen 6 years ago

      Yay! Another Whovian! It's always interesting to hear how people get involved in Doctor Who. And it's even more interesting when I'll be walking around wearing my Doctor Who shirt and random people will comment and tell me all about how they got into it and which Doctor they like best and their opinion on the old series and everything, and it's so great! I'm surprised at how many people here in America have been watching since they were little kids, too!